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Meet Basics

Swim Meet Mandatory Apparel

For swim meets, all swimmers are expected to compete in and wear:

  • OSSSC swimsuit 
  • OSSSC swim cap (provided)
  • OSSSC t-shirts (provided)


Swim Meet Packing List

  • Lawn chair (for the comfort of adults that sit in the arena with the team)
  • An old sleeping bag or thick blanket because the kids are sitting on a cement floor (the arenas feel rather cold when you are damp)
  • Extra blanket to keep warm
  • 2 to 3 towels to dry off after a race
  • Goggles and swim cap (always pack extras)
  • Team suit & warm up suit
  • Activity for between events, (cards, games, hot wheels, action figures, coloring books, and crayons, reading books, word finds, etc...)
  • Deck shoes (sandals, flip flops)
  • Clothes (warm, quick dry, easy on/off) Pants, hoodies, shorts, t-shirt, touque, warm socks
  • Shower bag for end of day (shampoo/conditioner, hair brush, hair ties, dry clothes to go home in)
  • Water, juice, electrolytes, hot beverage
  • Small portions of high energy, healthy snack food (for all parties in your family since the meet usually does not stop for lunch)


Required Items

  • Positive attitude
  • Team spirit - Go Stingrays!


Swim Meet Basics

In order to help make your swim meets as enjoyable and stress free as possible, the following are a few hints and tips from experienced swim families. 


  • The swim meets that OSSSC attends and their dates can be found in the Team Calendar and listed under Swim Meets.

  • The day prior to the meet, the warm up times for each club will be assigned, and we will make all swimmers aware of the time that they are expected to be at the meet pool via email.

  • Swim meets can be a long day; please bring along plenty of drinks and snacks for your swimmer (and yourself). Anticipate a 7:00 or 7:30am start time, with meets usually ending between 4:00 - 6:00 pm.

  • Feel free to bring things to entertain your swimmer during the meet. Books, colouring books, cards, are all good ideas.

  • While waiting to swim, swimmers and parents will usually be waiting in an indoor space. Please bring lawn chairs, sleeping bags, blankets to make yourselves more comfortable.

  • After your child has swum, their swim times will be posted at the venue (ask a seasoned team parent where they are likely to be stuck to a wall!). For a growing number of swim meets, their times will also be available via the app Meet Mobile.

  • If this is your first season on a swim team please note; a swimmer may be disqualified (dq’d) by a stroke judge for improperly performing a stroke (no matter what age). This happens to even the best swimmers at times. If you want to understand stroke technique and help your child develop, please sign up for an officials course.

  • Further information (set up and maps etc) relating to each meet can be found on the Swim Meet page.

  • Specific Swim Meet Information (which events the meet will run etc.) will be posted on the ASSA website (www.assa.ca) up to 2 weeks in advance of the meet.