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Welcome to the OSSSC website. At the beginning of each season there are a number of commonly asked questions that new and returning swim families have for us. We created this FAQs sheet to help provide the information needed to answer these queries.  Listed below are some of the most common questions and their answers. We hope this helps.


If you have any other questions please email our registrar directly at registrar@okotoksstingrays.com.


How long is the season?

Our season runs from May 1st through August 20th. Meets begin in late May.


Do we have to attend all the practices every day - there seems to be a lot!?

We offer practices for all groups every day of the week (except for group 1). We understand, particularly at the beginning of the season that the swimmers still have school, and other outside commitments, so we recommend that you attend as many as you can. Attendance is not mandatory though and no attendance will be taken - it is solely up to your swimmer and your family.


What are the practice groups, and how do I work out which group my child is in?

We have 5 groups; 1-5, with 1 being our youngest / less experienced swimmers and 5 being our oldest / more experienced swimmers.

If your child has taken swim lessons at the Recreation Centre, the approximate guide is that completion of Swimmer 3 would be sufficient to begin swim team in Group 1, completion of Swimmer 4 would be Group 2, and Swimmer 5 would put your child in Group 3.

Please note however that these are just guidelines and coaches will assign swimmers based on the assessment of their skills and also fitness level, as swim practices for the swim team are very different to a 30 minute swim lesson.

The final decision as to which group your child will swim with will be determined by the coaches during assessment week.

What is the definition of an Exhibition Swimmer?

*Exhibition swimmer definition by Alberta Summer Swim Association (ASSA). see image from ASSA rules and regulations for more details.

How many meets are there, and do we need to attend them all?

There are at least 7 meets that are open to all swimmers. You can attend as many meets as you would like - there is no additional cost for meet attendance.  We encourage swimmers to attend a minimum of 3 meets in the season and the Region E Regionals in August.


How long is a meet?

Summer swim meets usually last all day Saturday, starting at approximately 7:30am with warmups and usually ending between 4 and 5pm. 


Where are the meets?

The 7 meets will be held in and around the Calgary area, with the furthest meets being Cochrane, Didsbury, Canmore and High River. All other meets are in Okotoks or Calgary.


Why is fundraising necessary - I'm already paying registration fees?

The actual cost for a swimmer to swim for a season is $1100 (coaching fees, pool rental, meet fees, insurance, etc).

Our registration fees are a lot less than this (and we'd like to keep it this way!). We offer fundraising as an opportunity for families to raise some of this difference. We also participate in an AGLC casino every 3 years (2018 is a casino year) that contributes to the shortfall.

We require that families take part in all of the fundraising opportunities offered, which can include: bottle drive, a food sales campaign, and casino.


How much time do I have to commit to volunteering?

As the club is entirely run by volunteers, we ask that all parents step up and help out during the season.

As a general guide, for a Group 1 parent looking to earn 15 volunteer points, these can be obtained by;

  • Attending the Club meeting at the beginning of the season (2),
  • Completing the online Intro to Swimming course (3pts) and timing at three meet sessions (3pts/session). Each meet session is approximately four hours (9am - 1pm / 1pm - 5pm)

If you have younger children and are concerned that you won't be able to help during a meet as you have no one else to watch them, there are other club tasks that need volunteers and can be done on your own time at home such as: photo coordinator, ribbon coordinator, trophy case maintenence, year end party helper.