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How To Register


Welcome to the Stingrays and thanks for your interest in joining our team!

Registration Dates (online registration opens)

March 1, 2018: Returning swimmers

March 11, 2018:  Open Registration (New and Returning swimmers)

April 1, 2018  - Subject to Late Registration Fee ($50).  

Registration Fees

The registration fees for each group are as follows:

Group 1:           $394

Group 2:           $445

Group 3:           $495

Group 4:           $546

Group 5:           $546

*Note a family discount of $50 is applied to the 3rd4th and subsequent children registering from one family.  

To identify which group your swimmer is best placed in, please review the group descriptions.    

The fees, volunteer and fundraising commitments are fully detailed in this table

The cost of each child swimming for the season actually totals far in excess of our registration fees. In order to offset these costs, there are volunteer and fundraising commitments that will incur penalties if not fulfilled. See Pledge of Commitment form. This must be filled out in entirety and received by us prior to your child getting in the pool.   

Please print, sign, and return the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act Consent form.

For more information regarding the fundraising activities, visit the fundraising page

Method of Payment

You will be invoiced $394 online once your have registered.  You can pay by credit card online or deliver cheque to the OSSSC mailbox.  No additional service charges for using credit card.   Balance of payment, if necessary, will be due after the coaches complete the group placement evaluation in early May 2018.  

If you decide to cancel we require written notice prior to May 1st, and there will be a refund less $150 covering ASSA fees and administration fees.  For NEW Swimmers this date will be extended until the initial coaching placement evaluation is completed. 

Payment of online invoices are due within 10 days,  and Late Payment is subject to a 5% Penalty Charge 

Please review the  Pledge of Commitment form All items must be completed or your child does not enter the pool. 

Time and Team Commitments


Starting May 1st the team will begin practicing. Meets are held on six weekends beginning May 26th. The season concludes with the Regional Swim Meet (open to all swimmers) on August 11th and 12th and the Provincial Swim Meet (for qualifying swimmers) on August 17th - 19th.    

The team doesn't have a mandatory attendance policy for practices or meets.  However, we do encourage each swimmer to participate in at least 3 swim meets during the season, as well as Regionals.


Other than the coaches, the team is run 100% with volunteers.  Each family is responsible for volunteering to help out to ensure that everyone plays their part.  In order that each family completes their volunteer commitment, a deposit of $250 per family will be collected, and volunteering completed by each family will be tracked. For a list of the volunteer positions available please see volunteer position chart

The parent handbook contains all the specific information regarding the team; how it operates, policies, and further information on both fundraising and volunteer commitments.