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The fundraising opportunities offered by the OSSSC offers families the ability to offset some of the costs of swimming by fundraising. Each family has the option to complete both the fundraising activities or to have their fundraising deposit cheques cashed. 


We have two fundraising opportunities available to families;


Bottle Drive ($75 deposit per swimmer)


We will be holding our annual bottle drive May 24, 2017, from 5:00pm until 7:30pm. Swimmers and families are invited to meet at the Okotoks Bottle Depot, located at 211 Stockton Avenue, where you will be checked in (for attendance purposes) and assigned a part of town to go and collect in.


If you are unable to attend on the evening of the bottle drive, you can choose to;

(a) collect bottles on your own and deposit them at the bottle depot. If you collect on your own time and deposit the bottles, there is a book (has a Spiderman cover) located in the Bottle Depot where you need to note down the amount you have deposited. You can begin depositing bottles and recording the amounts in the book at any time during the year, but the cut off date by which the $75 must have been deposited is June 30, 2017. Or, 

(b) have your deposit cheque ($75 per swimmer) cashed. 

You must deposit $75 per swimmer directly at the Bottle Depot to avoid your deposit cheque being cashed.


As this is such an important fundraiser for the club, swim practice will be cancelled.


Food Sales (Spolumbos / Coco Brooks / AAA Steaks) ($100 deposit per swimmer)


OSSSC offers swimmers the opportunity to sell a range of delicious food items; Spolumbos sausages, frozen prepared foods and pizza from Coco Brooks, and AAA Steaks. 

As the percentage donated back to the club differs with each food item, this is approximately $400 worth of food, but will depend on the specific amount and type of food ordered. When $400 of food product is sold, this is equivalent to $100 per swimmer fund raised towards the club.


Your fundraising options are;

(a) sell an amount of food equivalent to fundraise $100 (approximately $400 worth of food), or 

(b) to have your fundraising deposit cheque ($100 per swimmer) cashed, and buy out of all food sales opportunities.


The order forms for each of these three food fundraising opportunities can be found below. The deadline for all orders to be in is May 31, 2017.


AAA Steaks

Coco Brooks

Fundraising Tracking Sheet


To help you calculate whether you have sold a sufficient amount of food and fundraised the $100 for your swimmer, please complete this tracking sheet