2017 Sponsors


The fundraising opportunities offered by the OSSSC allow families the ability to offset some of the costs of swimming by fundraising. There are three fundraising activities for this season. All families are encouraged to partake in these activities or penalty fees will be applied.


Bottle Drive ($75 penalty fee per swimmer)

We will be holding our annual bottle drive May 22nd, 2018, from 5-7:30pm. Swimmers and families are invited to meet at the Okotoks Bottle Depot, located at 211 Stockton Avenue, where you will be checked in (for attendance purposes) and assigned a part of town to go and collect in.

You will earn 3 volunteer points per family for participating.

If you are unable to attend on the evening of the bottle drive, you have two options;

(1) You may collect bottles in your own time and deposit an amount equivalent to $75 to the Okotoks Bottle Depot. If you do this, you will need to note the amount you collected in the OSSSC book (a Spiderman notebook) located at the bottle depot. The deadline for collecting bottles is June 1st, 2018, but you can start anytime. 

(2) If you are unable to attend the bottle drive, and you do not bring $75 worth of bottles in to the depot prior to June 1st, you will be charged the $75 penalty fee.

As this is such an important fundraiser for the club, swim practice will be cancelled.


Food Sales ($100 penalty fee per swimmer)

Swimmers have the opportunity to sell a range of delicious food items found online at TeamFund, including Spolumbos, Simple Simon Pies, Jugo Juice and Bow River Meats.

Each swimmer is required to sell enough food product to make a profit of $100.As the percentage donated back to the club differs for each vendor, there is no set dollar amount for the total food product required to sell, so long as you make a profit of $100. Swim families can sign into their TeamFund online account regularly during the fundraiser to track their sales.

Each swimmer has two options available:

(1) Sell enough food product to make a profit of $100

(2) If you do not sell enough food product to make a profit of $100, you will be charged the $100 penalty fee.

The fundraiser will come online May 22nd and run until June 12th. You will be given a code to send to friends and family, who can then make orders online at their leisure. Furthermore, you will also be sent regular updates to see how many orders have been made and how much left you have to sell to meet your minimum of $100 in profit.  All food will be delivered to the Okotoks Curling Rink on Wednesday, June 20th for pick up at 5pm.  



Casino ($400 penalty fee per swimmer)


OSSSC has the opportunity to work a casino every three years. This is a very important fundraiser for our club, as it lowers registration costs significantly. We must fill all the volunteer slots we are assigned or we lose the casino fundraiser in the future.


We have 28 shifts to fill. You may volunteer for 1+ shifts as long as it is in the same category (ei: floor person or counter) You may sign up for the casino and get first pick of the shifts. The remaining shifts will be selected by putting each family (not already volunteering for the casino) into a draw, with an additional 5 alternates. The names will be selected and assigned a shift.


​If you are selected to volunteer for the casino, but you are unable to attend or find someone 18 yrs or older to take your place, you will be charged the $400 penalty fee. 


CASINO DATES: Monday July 16th & Tuesday July 17th