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Volunteer Job Descriptions


Below you will find a more detailed job description for all the volunteer roles that are available (and the points that they are assigned given in brackets). 

As a general guide, a task that is assigned 3 points will generally be expected to take about 4 hours of your time (i.e. one swim meet shift). The other tasks have been assigned points using this basis. 


General Season Tasks

Club Meeting Attendance (2)

​Attend the club meeting (usually held during the second week of the season) to learn more about the team and have any questions answered.

Vehicle Driver for Bottle Drive Participation (3/family)

Drive a vehicle for the bottle drive (make sure that you check in at the bottle depot to ensure that your attendance is noted) and collect bottles for the entire duration of the event 5-7:30pm.

Completion of an Officials Course (5)

Swim Officials at a swim meet are all parents (like you). They have undertaken additional training to be able to perform certain tasks on deck. A full list of courses and training dates is available from the Officials Coordinator. (Note: All required deck evaluations must be completed prior to being credited for course completion). It is hugely important to the club and the summer swim association that parents continue to progress through the Officials Courses.

End of Season Awards Party (3)

Coordinates the location, food donations and activity for the party.

Annual Auditor (3) 

Reviews the financial records of the club at the end of the season.

Parent Liaison (4) 

One needed per Group.

Organize group building events. Organize Okotoks Swim Meet Pep Rally ($40 budget). Create 1 Themed Raffle basket of $200 value items/money collected from parents. Organize coach gift for Group Coach presented at Year End Party.

Photos Organizer (6)

Coordinates the team photo night with the photographer, assists the photographer on the night, and arranges for collection of team photos by swimmers.

Ribbons and Awards Coordinator (6)

Following away swim meets, prepares ‘best time’ ribbons for all Stingrays swimmers achieving a best time, for distribution by coaches.

Volunteer Points Coordinator (6) 

Tracks all volunteering done by club members at events and swim meets. Required to be at all events and swim meets to ensure that volunteer information is collected.


Swim Meet Tasks (Okotoks Meet)

These are assigned points per shift worked; Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, or Saturday afternoon.

​Signup for all swim meet tasks can be found on the Event Signup tab.


Tasks NOT Requiring Officials Certification

Kitchen Assistant (3)

Assist in the kitchen with the preparation of food for each session for the officials and meet volunteers. Provide refreshments to other volunteers unable to leave their post (stroke judges, timers, etc.) out on deck.

Chaperone (3)

Look after our younger swimmers at certain away meets where the swimmers are required to be on deck and away from parents.

Announcer (3) [rink]

Announce first and final calls for each event. Works closely with the Meet Manager to keep the meet running smoothly. Makes required announcements as needed through out the meet. 

Announcer (3) [pool]

Announce first and final calls for each event. Works closely with the starter to keep the meet running smoothly. Makes required announcements as needed through out the meet. 

Runner (3) [pool]

Responsible for obtaining the completed event cards from timers and delivering to the scoring table. The job title is very descriptive. 

Set Up Helper (3)

Helps set up the equipment in pool area and other parts of the Recreation Centre for our meet.

Clean Up Helper (3)

Helps take down all the equipment from the swim meet from the pool and other parts of the Recreation Centre.

Ribbon Assistant (3)

Prepares all the ribbons and awards for our swim meet in order that they can be distributed to the other clubs.

Marshaling Assistants (3)

Assist the Chief Marshall to organize swimmers prior to their event.

Hospitality Lead (15) [entire meet]

Prepares the menu for the meet, coordinates all food donations (from outside businesses and team parents) and oversees all food service during the meet.

Hospitality Assistant (12) [entire meet]

Assists the Hospitality Lead with all duties related to food sourcing, preparation and service during the swim meet.


Tasks that DO Require Officials Certification

Safety Marshall (3) 

Required during warm up to monitor warm up pools.

Chief Marshall (3) 

Organizes swimmers prior to their event and informs the referee if a swimmer misses their event.

Timers (3) 

Records the swimmer’s time. Each timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane; there are three timers for each lane.

Stroke and Turn Judge (4) 

Stroke judge monitors swimmers to ensure each stroke is being performed correctly, including turns and finishes. They also monitor for false starts on relays.

Chief Timer (5) 

Responsible for briefing all timers prior to the start of a session, timing the first place finish for each heat, handing out bells for distance events, and ensuring lane counters are available for long distance events (800 / 1500m).

Starter (5) 

Responsible for ensuring swimmers and timers are ready, starts the race.

Chief Finish Judge (5) 

Ensures the accuracy of times for each swimmer. 

Recorder / Scorer (5) 

​Records and posts results.

Clerk of Course (15) [entire meet] or (5) per session

​Organizes and marshals swimmers on deck. Preference to entire meet volunteer

Assistant Meet Manager (15) [entire meet] 

Assists with coordinating the entire meet; swimmers, officials, and prepares all the entries and results of the meet.

Meet Manager (25) [entire meet, mock meet] 

Coordinates the entire meet; swimmers, officials, and prepares all the entries and results of the meet.