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Making Swim Parenting Fun!

Sitting in a swim meet, have you ever wondered what races your child is swimming? What their previous times were? Whether they have achieved a certain time standard? Have you ever wanted faster access to meet results without having to wait till the paper results are posted on a wall somewhere that no one can get to?

Now you have all this information at your fingertips with these 3 Swim Apps- OnDeck Parent, which will give you remote access to all the data in the www.okotoksstingrays.com database: as well as Meet Mobile, which will provide live streaming of results if the host team is streaming them.

The OnDeck Parent app is free from the App store and is available for all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Androids. Using this app will give you access to the following OKOT (Okotoks ASSA designation) data:

  • Upcoming team meets

  • A listing of your swimmers meet races (aka events)

  • Your swimmers previous meet results and best times

  • Your swimmers attendance record at practice (if your coach is tracking with OnDeck Coach)

  • Canadian Time Standard comparisons

  • Club News

  • Job Sign-up and much, much more!

After signing into the app with your regular okotoksstingrays.com login and password, use "reczzossscab" as the team alias. **Don't forget to SYNC the app each time you use it.

There are many tutorials to help you learn about the app, but it is pretty simple to get up and running. OnDeck Parent will make your swim meet experience much more enjoyable and fun.

OnDeck Parent Tutorials  Login and click on Playlist to the right of the tutorial window and scroll down to select OnDeck Parent tutorials

Meet Mobile is a free app from the app store that can provide access to live meet results. Different teams may use either app to post their results. Once the app is loaded look on the main MEETS page to see if the meet in question is listed - select that meet and results will post as soon as the race event is finished. In our experience the Live Results app will post the results faster. The race results posted through these apps are all unofficials.  

All these apps are available to enhance your enjoyment of your swim parenting experience- they should not be used to pressure swimmers about achieving best times or swim standards. We know that you will continue to encourage and support  your swimmer to enjoy the experience of swimming and have fun!!

**Don't forget to tell your kids about it too! They can access all this information as well on their iOS devices!