Community Principles

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Community Principles for The Plant High Rowing Association

The mission of Plant High Rowing Association (PHRA) is to facilitate an inclusive and a nationally competitive rowing team for Plant High School students. To meet this mission, athletes must be a community that meets clearly defined principles.

Healthy athletic communities need not simply rules, but also clear principles to make sense of the rules. Rather than follow rules blindly or grudgingly, athletes need a willing attitude that appreciates and embraces the principles.

Therefore, our community of athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers and board of directors, endorses and expects our athletes to adhere to these principles:


1) We are a community in which our actions affect others – often more than our actions affect ourselves.

As a community we treat everyone with respect. We respect everyone’s uniqueness as a human being. We respect personal property. We respect and actively care for the property of PHRA because it serves our entire community. We meet our financial and time commitments. We understand we are one team and one community.


2) We are scholars and athletes and pursue excellence in both academics and athletics – not just one or the other.

As scholar-athletes we give our best effort in class and at practice. We plan well and use our time wisely to meet expectations of both school and sport so that one community does not negatively impact the other. We understand that the decisions of our coaches and the Board of Directors are in the best interest of our entire community. We support the decisions of the coaches and the Board of Directors. We avoid selfish ambition and instead humbly serve the interest of the team before ourselves.


3. We are citizens and athletes and pursue excellence as ambassadors for our team and for rowing.  As citizen-athletes we maintain good sportsmanship in all circumstances.

We do not cheat or neglect good sportsmanship in an effort to gain competitive success. We refrain from illegal activity in order to be positive representatives of our community and to avoid having a negative impact on our community. We understand that any use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs is illegal and also unhealthy for athletes. We understand that, in addition to being illegal and unhealthy, any use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs demonstrates a lack of respect for our health and a lack of respect for our community.


4) We understand these principles serve to promote the welfare of our community. While our Conduct Principles are defined by the School Board of Hillsborough County Bylaws and Policies for Students, we understand that meeting the expectations of these Community Principles in spirit as well as fact is essential to maintaining the welfare of our community.

We understand that failure to meet any of these Community Principles affects not only the individual, but the entire community. Therefore, we acknowledge that individual or collective failure to honor any of these Community Principles will result in discipline by 
the coaches or PHRA appropriate for the infraction, and
 could include dismissal from the team.