Weather Policy
PHRA Weather Policy
- If the school announces that after school activities are canceled, we cancel rowing practice.  Sometimes we don't know the county makes this choice until the end of school, but we will always honor their safety choices.  
- If we think there will be danger due to severe weather or dangerous driving conditions, we will alert families by email & social media about practice cancellations.  Emails are sent through the information given during online athlete registration.  We try our best to alert no later than 1 hour prior to practice.  
- We DO hold practice in the rain, and even row in the rain if it isn't too heavy and there isn't lightning.  If rowing is dangerous/not possible, we rotate through indoor training activities.  We are very lucky to have an indoor erg room and weight training equipment on site.  With how quickly weather changes in Florida, we often are able to salvage half of practice on the water when storms hit.  
- All coaches receive lightning alerts.  We follow standard practices on safe distances and waiting periods before resuming outdoor activities when there is lightning in the area.  
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Coach Mike Smith