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  1. To participate in any event of the City/County Meet, a swimmer must have competed in at least two weeknight meets as an RVAA registered swimmer.. A swimmer must have established a qualified time in each event he or she wishes to enter at City/County, and must have a time equal to or faster than the C/C cutoff time in order to swim the IM or the 100 Free. (Swimmers who have established times but who have failed to compete in two weeknight meets may appeal to the C/C meet director for medical waivers only.)

  2. Swimmers who have had fewer than the designated opportunities to swim an event for their age group (6 & Under-three; 7 & Up-two) may establish entry times for the City/County Championship Meet in the Open Event. No one holding a qualified time may swim to better that time in the Open Event. Open Events are held on the last two Monday night meets of the regular season, or, in the case of meet cancellation, on the following day.

  3. Classification rules for City/County follow Monday night rules, but utilize the current RVAA Yards Time Standards.

  4. In each of the three time standard divisions, medals or ribbons will be awarded for the top ten places, and points will be awarded for the top twenty places. Relays receive Gold medals or ribbons and points.

  5. The season’s final score for each team will be the sum of 60% of its accumulated Monday night meet scores and 40% of its City/County meet score. RVAA championship awards will be presented to all teams based on final scores. Separate fist, second and third place awards will be given for City/County scores.