Titans A and Titans B

Training up to six days a week, the competition squads are for the very disciplined and focused young members of the club.

Aims: The swimmers, along with the coach of these squad, constantly strive to improve on personal best times and reach maximum performance. The club aims to ensure that at all times there is a cohesive spirit amongst the squad and for each swimmer to achieve their full potential at all stages throughout their time with the club.

Competitions: Swimmers are encouraged to enter and compete in all disciplines at provincial and at national gala events. 


Titans C 

Training up to three days a week our Junior competition squad are for those swimmers who are starting on their journey of competitive swimming.

Aims: Each swimmer will work with the coach to refine their stroke technique for each of the four strokes, while building the fitness and endurance required for a competitive swimmer. This is all undertaken in a fun environment.

Competitions: At the initial stages the swimmers are entered into a number of ‘fun’ galas before being entered into the more serious provincial galas.

Titans D

Having learnt to swim, it is now time to learn the strokes and the discipline of the ‘sport of swimming’. This is carried out in a fun environment to ensure that all the young swimmers enjoy all the sessions while learning.

Aims: To teach the swimmers each of the stroke techniques and to ensure that each of them has a very good fundamental basis to their swimming.

Competition: When ready and if they would like to, each swimmer can be entered into a number of ‘fun’ galas throughout the season.


Para 1, Para 2 and Para 3

The Para groups are for those with physical disabilities to realise their full swimming potential in a fun and safe environment while under the direct coaching of qualified coaches. Swimming is widely recognised as one of the best sports for those with physical disabilities due to its wide range of therapeutic benefits. The classes are kept small and each swimmer has a parent / helper with them until they are able to achieve independence in the water.

Titans is associated with the Halliwick Swimming Association of Ireland. The Halliwick concept of teaching swimming is based on principle of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics and body mechanics.

Aim: The aim of these groups is to ensure the benefits of swimming to those with physical disabilities, including providing aerobic exercise and improvement to muscle strength, all in a low impact fun environment.

Competitions: for those who wish to and are ready, there is the opportunity to enter competitions in the mainstream arena, but there are also a few competitions which can be entered under their disability classification.