Thunder Water Polo Mission

"Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together" Dean Smith

The mission of Thunder Water Polo is to develop young players? water polo skills so that they may participate in age group club water polo, high school teams and college water polo at levels commensurate with their fully developed talents.

Thunder Water Polo supports the notion of the scholar-athlete, individuals who excel in the classroom, in the swimming pool, in their communities, and in their families. Thunder Water Polo seeks to enhance and develop sportsmanship in athletes. Not only does our program seek to be a winning program, but Thunder Water Polo also wants to be respected for having class.

Thunder Water Polo's club motto is "Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together" and the club?s programs will have very positive atmospheres that promote self-esteem, physical fitness, teamwork and respect for others. All staff, head coach, and all members are expected to support the following priorities:

1. Sportsmanship - Character does matter to us. We believe that good character provides the model for good citizenship. Amateur sports teaches some lessons of life ? how to win with class and lose with dignity, how to try your hardest and fail, but most of all how to try hard...and keep trying...and keep trying...and despite the odds...find room to improve and help others.

2. Academics - Good academics provide the foundation of a good career. Good students have lots of choices in life. We believe that good students make better water polo players and aquatics sports provide discipline for many facets of a life well lived.

3. Swimming - Swimming is the fundamental skill of water polo. We believe that good swimmers make good water polo players and vice versa. We encourage water polo players to develop a passion for swimming fast. Swimming is a skill that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment.