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National Team Spring 2018 Meeting Info

Summer Practice Schedule

The Thunder Water Polo National Program is great opportunity to play/practice with your club teammates from other Thunder Practice Locations, be challenged-learn-improve at a high level of water polo, and train specifically within their age groups/genders.  It is a privilege to be selected to this group and participate in these extra practices/competitions.  Along with this privilege come expectations of participation, good attitudes, punctuality, etc. Below is a list of the expectations and details of the National Program.

  • Coachable Athlete
    • Be an athlete who not only listens to their coach but makes the changes the coach requires.
    • Always adhere to the Thunder Behavior Policy.
    • We expect 100% from every athlete in the pool at every workout!
  • Team player
    • Work with your teammates. Work to make everyone on your team a strong player you can depend on.
    • Keep attitudes out of the pool.
  • Be on Time!
    • Athletes are expected to arrive 15 minutes before their practice time and be prepared to get in the pool.
    • Always be willing to set up and tear down the pool.
  • Attendance
    • Athletes are expected to attend every national practice.
    • If an athlete knows they will miss a practice they should email their coach in advance or let them know at practice.
    • If an athlete won’t make practice at the last-minute due to sickness or unforeseen circumstance they may text their coach. TEXTING SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR QUICK COMMUNICATION ON ABSENCES OR EMERGENCIES. Please use email to have discussions with coaches.
  • Tournaments
    • Athletes are expected to attend all tournaments with their team.
  • Invitations and Evaluation
    • Athletes will invited to a team in early August.
    • Commitment to the team will be accepted once membership enrollment takes place in mid-August
    • Evaluation will be ongoing of the athletes in the program. 
  • Injuries
    • If your injury is extensive you may need to leave the National Team until the next sign up season.
    • With a minor injury, you are still expected to attend practice once a week.
      • The injured athlete will do modified conditioning and will shadow the coaches and listen to all instruction.
      • Please notify your coach well in advance if you are unable to attend a tournament due to an injury.
  • Taking time off
    • If you leave the team during the year, you will not be able to come back till the start or the new season in August. 
    • There is no guarantee that there will be an open spot on the team the following season.

Team Expectations

  • Apparel
    • All national athletes are required to have:
      • Team Suit, jacket, polo, and three Thunder t-shirts
  • Annual Calendar -2017-2018 Calendar, updated Spring and Summer Calendar
  • Practice Times and Location
    • All National practices will be at LISD Aquatic Center 1750 Duncan Lane, Lewisville, TX 75028
    • Seasons and Practices - You will be notified of any other practice cancellations as soon as possible. All attempts will be made to reschedule the cancelled practice. 
      • Fall – August 22-November 10
        • Tuesday 18U/16U boys  6:30-8:45
        • Thursday 18U/16U girls 6:30-8:45
        • Friday 14U 5:30-7:30
      • Winter – November 27-February 2
        • Tuesday 18U/16U boys  6:30-8:45
        • Thursday 18U/16U girls 6:30-8:45
        • Friday 14U 5:30-7:30
      • Spring – February 5-May 1st
        • Tuesday - 18U/16U boys and girls - 6:30-8:45
        • Thursday - 14U - 6:30-8:45
      • Summer – May 10th – July 15th - Practice times once school is out.
        • 18U/16U boys and girls - 6:30-8:45
          • Monday-Thursday - boys and girls - 6:30-8:45
          • Tuesday and Thursday – 7:00-8:30 am – Conditioning
          • Friday
        • 14U boys and girls – Tuesday and Thursday – 5:00-7:00
  • Holidays
    • Halloween - October 31st
    • Thanksgiving Break - November 13th-24th
    • Winter Break – December 18th-29th
    • Spring Beak Week - March 12-18
  • Tournaments
    • The tournament schedule is attached.
    • All athletes are expected to attend all tournaments.
    • Athletes are responsible for their flights on all out of state tournaments.
    • Athletes are responsible for their hotel rooms and transportation for all in state tournaments.

Financial Expectations

  • Monthly Dues 14U- $125.00 per Month    18U/16U - $135.00 per Month
    • Entire balance may be Paid in full by Sept 1st - 14U - $1375.00        18U/16U – 1485.00
    • Monthly dues will be auto charged to your credit card on the 1st of each month.
    • This auto pay is from Sept 1st – July 1st No payment will be due in August.
    • CXL of auto charge must be done in writing to the treasurer and Club Director
  • Multiple Athlete Discount
    • We do not offer a discount for National dues or tournaments.
    • Multiple athlete discounts can be made on regular club dues.
  • Financial Aid
    • If you qualify for financial aid you must fill out the financial aid paperwork and submit it for monthly dues only and must be submitted to the treasurer prior to the first auto pay. 
    • You are required to pay tournament fees.
    • You are responsible for instate travel and hotels fees.
    • You are responsible for out of state flight fees.
    • You are responsible for your club apparel.
    • You are responsible for your USA Water polo membership.
  • USA Water Polo Membership $110.00
    • USA Gold membership is required and should be renewed by Dec 15th.
  • Apparel approx. $180.00-200.00
    • All athletes are required to have a team suit, jacket, polo, and 3 team shirts
    • Flash store will be open….
  • Registration
    • National Team registration will be August 1st-Agust 25th.
    • After August 25th members will only be added to teams if there is an opening and at the coach’s discretion.
  • Refunds
  • Tournaments
    • Fees will be paid per tournament
    • Must be signed up by deadline two weeks before the tournament date