Packing List

1. Please note: pack your carryon bag “ready to swim.” Please include your swimsuit, goggles, nose clips, cap, towel, flip flops, and a small supply of sunscreen (remember the three oz limit for airport security check). Also, you will likely wear whatever you come in to dinner the first evening. It is not fancy, so whatever you wear on the airplane should be fine. Having these items in your carryon makes it easier for you on arrival. We will be heading straight to the pool for our first session, so we want to make it easy for you since you won’t have an opportunity to get into your luggage.

2. At least two swimsuits in good condition – Two piece athletic swimsuits are permitted, but we ask that you not practice in a beach-style bikini.

3. Goggles, cap, nose clips – It is a good idea to bring a spare of each one.

4. Swim towel – The hotel will provide towels for use in the hotel, but hotel towels are NOT to be taken outside of the hotel.

5. Rash guard (optional) – We practice at an outdoor pool. If you have a rash guard, you may want to bring it with you; especially if you are not used to the California sun for many hours a day. And being in the water makes the sun’s effect more severe. Sunburns are no fun! Sunscreens with Zinc Oxide are one of the best methods of sunburn prevention especially for the face.

6. Work out clothes for the week – tennis shoes, socks, shorts or workout capris, sports bra, tank/t-shirt.

7. Casual out of the pool clothes – jeans, shorts, tops, skirts, socks, under garments, shoes, flip flops, pajamas, warm layer for the evening and mornings – just enough for the week.  You will spend most of the day in your swim suit, so likely one outfit will last you a couple of days. Temperatures are likely to be mid 80’s to mid 90’s, low-mid humidity, so dress accordingly. We ask that campers are fully dressed while in public areas – including hotel areas outside of your room and traveling to and from the pool. So please bring clothes that cover your midriff, chest, and buttocks completely.

8. Toiletries – Including sunscreen of at least 30 SPF and maybe after sun lotion/aloe if you wish.  Anything with zinc works very well.  

9. Swim bag – Bring a swim bag that is easy to pack, keep organized, and carry.  Remember, you will pack and carry it, not your parent.

10. Extra spending cash or money card – This is completely OPTIONAL and at the discretion of the parent. Please instruct your child about how she is allowed to spend any extra money.

11. Water bottle -- Campers will NOT receive a water bottle this year as part of their goody bag, so remember to bring one!! An insulated one is not mandatory but is nice to have as water bottles tend to heat up quickly on the pool deck.

12. Good attitude – Be ready to try anything with a Smile!

*****Be sure to write your name or initials in permanent marker on goggles, suits, towels, etc., so that we can properly find the owner of any misplaced item.

Please DO NOT bring the following:

a. Anything too big or heavy for you to carry by yourself. Please only pack a swim bag/backpack as your carry on, and one additional small duffle or carry-on size rolling suitcase. Please do not bring a suitcase any larger than carry-on size.

b. Computers, iPads, valuable jewelry, or other valuables.

c. Drugs, alcohol, or vape devices.