A Squad

A Squad

The training program content will be a varied programme based on all the strokes. All energy systems are trained and used. Other areas worked on include technique and skill improvement in all strokes, start & turns practice and land conditioning & flexibility. A swimmer friendly motivational & inspirational atmosphere is a must to encourage swimmers maximise their potential.

Home & away training camps will be targeted.

Quarterly meeting with parents to discuss a swimmers expectations and responsibilities would be beneficial as well as a chance for the coach to give feedback on the swimmer's progress.


The A squad should have 1 lead coach (level 2 at least) with minimum of 1 assistant to ideally 4.

Competition Programme

National, provincial and ( A ) grade open competitions targeted.

Work & Expectations

1. Stroke drill progressions are continued and expanded, with the swimmer being exposed to more complex progressions

2. The following types of training sets are included in the overall training plan:

a. Aerobic training zone

b. Anaerobic Threshold zone

c. Anaerobic (race-pace) training zone

d. Speed work

e. Negative split, build descending, double-up set

3. Swimmers do equal amounts of work on pull and kick

4. Speed work (short sprints) is programmed into the first part of the sessions to develop race specific endurance

5. All Swimmers should learn the use of pace, stroke rate, stroke count, training based on heart rates and required effort in conjunction with each other. Using pace, not heart rate, is the main way of setting training intensity. The swimmers will also be introduced to heart rate controlled training sets.

6. Swimmers are responsible for their own training equipment and self-monitoring recovery and adaptation including timing and reporting their times to the coach.

7. Goal setting is formalized into a process that includes the coach and the swimmer's parents

8. Continuation of appearances at competitions such as local meets, provincial and national championship meets. A swimmer should be available for relay selection, as well as their individual events including heats and finals. 

9. Stretching exercise and land work form an important part of the program

10. Nutritional and supplement education programs will be available to both parents and swimmers. 

Criteria for movement from pre A to A-squad

The below are the guidelines for moving a swimmer from one squad to another. These recommendations will be evaluated along with a swimmers attendance, training attitude, progress, potential amongst other factors.  Coaches from each squad should also be in communication when evaluating a swimmer. Ultimately the decision will be made by the chief and lead coach. 

To move from Pre-A to A, a swimmer-must qualify in 200m Freestyle or 200m IM as well as two of the following:

100M Backstroke, 100M Breaststroke, 100M Freestyle or 100M Butterfly as follows:

Boys: 2:45:00, 200M Freestyle;         Girls: 2:50:00, 200M Freestyle;                                  Boys 1:26:00, 100M   IM                    Girls 1:28:00, 100M IM 

Boys1:22:00, 100M Freestyle             Girls 1:25:00, 100M Freestyle

Boys1:32:00, 100M Backstroke         Girls 1:35:00, 100M Backstroke                                 Boys1:40:00, 100M Breaststroke    Girls 1:42:00, 100M Breaststroke

Boys 1:38:00 100M Butterfly              Girls 1:40:00 1000M Butterfly

A swimmer should have good attendance at all competitions and training. A swimmer should show they have the necessary endurance or potential to reach it in training. A swimmer should train to the required level as directed by the coach, this must be achieved by the swimmer and supported by the parents. The above is a requirement that is agreed with the Head Coach, swimmer and parents / guardians before movement to the higher level squad is made.

A positive approach and attitude in training sessions must be shown and demonstrated.

Positive results in competition and high-level galas is also looked at during squad promotion consideration process. Munster qualifying times, should be achieved as part of their goals.