Squad Reps

Squad Reps

  • Communication link between squads and Management Committee

  • Engage parents of squad swimmers in Club’s Activities

  • Exchange information

  • Be available (Minimum Once a month) for parents to meet at squad training

  • Communication between squad Reps and parents of swimmers in each squad will be via

    • Face to Face – Meeting during squad training session

    • Suggestion Boxes – Parents will be able to drop in suggestions in an envelope marked with the squad, parent name & Contact number

  • Squad reps will promote and try to get parents engaged in all activities club activities

    • Club fundraising and Squad fundraising – Empower parents/swimmers in each squad to organize their own fundraising events the proceeds of which will go to that squad’s activities

    • Feedback ideas that parents/squads identify from time to time

      Feedback possible fundraising ideas/initiatives that the club might run 


  Senior Squad - Elizabeth Cowman 


A Squad – Pete Gore




           Junior A &B - Gillian Finnigan