Munster Gala Rules & qualification 19/20

Munster Swimming Gala – Gala Structure 2019/2020

Aim: To provide the Munster Region with a clear development pathway from entry into the Regional programme to Regional Championships and after that to National Championships.


  1. Swimmers must achieve the stated standard before being able to enter the Munster Regional competition programme at Development 1 level.
  1. Swimmers will remain at a particular level until they have achieved all of the stated criteria for the next level.  Once they have progressed to the next level, they are eligible to swim all events at that level of competition (Regional Qualifying Meets have published Consideration Times which will need to be achieved) and are ineligible to swim at the lower level.
  1. To promote ongoing participation and age-appropriate competitions, a swimmer who are 16 yrs of age plus on the 31st December, who may not have achieved all of the stated regional qualification standards, may participate in one or more Regional Qualifiers events, if they have achieved any of the stated Qualification Times.  Swimmers entering the competition in this manner are eligible to swim in those events for which they have Qualifying and/or Consideration Times only.

Development 1:

To participate in Development 1 Galas, swimmers must have achieved the stated 100m IM QT.  Entry times to participate in other events must provided.

The 100IM QT and other consideration times can be gained at an official club or inter-club time trails and/or galas.

Club / Inter Club Time Trials:

For Time Trial ties to be valid, the following criteria must be adhered to:

  1. Clubs must apply to the Munster Regional Competitions Committee for a level 1 licence.
  2. The licence application must outline the trial time, date, venue and the events being covered.
  3. The event must be supervised by an officially qualified Level 2 Referee.
  4. All registered time trials must include a minimum of two skills-based events (e.g. timed 25m kick, timed dive and glide (10m), timed turns (5m in and 10m out) and stroke efficiency event (time + stroke count = score. Lowest score wins)
  5. The Trial venue must be held in a 25m pool with starting blocks.
  6. Where it is not possible to have electronic timing available, a minimum of three timekeepers watches must be used on each lane with the agreed finish time being signed by the referee in attendance.
  7. Times achieved at such events are only valid for entry into Munster Regional Development 1 events.


To progress from Development 1 to Development 2 standard, swimmers must achieve all of the stated qualification times in the 100m IM + 100 Front Crawl, and two 50m times fro the Fly, Back or Breaststrokes.

Development 2:

Once qualified, swimmers may enter any event on the Development 2 programme.  However, to swim in any 100m event, swimmers must already have an official 50m time in that particular event from any Swim Ireland licensed gala within the last 15 months.

To progress from Development 2 to Regional Qualifier standard, swimmers must achieve all the stated qualification times in the 200IM & 200 Front Crawl, and two 100m times from the Fly, Back or Breaststroke.

Regional Qualification Meets:

The stated qualification times for progression from Development 2 standard to Regional Qualifying standard in the 200IM, 200 FC and all 100m events will apply.  Entry times for all be provided must have been recorded electronically at a licensed event.

Once qualified, swimmers may enter any event on the Regional Qualifier programme.  However, to swim in any 200m event, swimmers must already have an official 100m time in the particular event from any Swim Ireland licensed gala within the last 15 months.

The guideline regarding swimmers aged 16 years plus will apply to RQ events.

Munster Championships:

Stated qualification standards and criteria will apply throughout.

Swimmers may enter any event for which they have an electronically recorded official qualification time.

Competing at different levels:

In previous seasons, swimmers achieving a QT in certain events may have been permitted to swim in the event at the Regional Qualifier meet, e.g. a Development 2 standard swimmer achieving a Regional Qualifying standard time in the 100Fly would have been permitted to swim in that event at Regional Qualifying meet but was still able to compete in all their other events at a Development 2 meet.  This will no longer be the case, and swimmers will compete at one level only until they have achieved all the relevant standard qualifying criteria.

The rules apply to Munster Development 1 & 2 meets, and Munster Regional Qualifying meets only.  Club invitationals, club open meets, national championships, etc will have separate meet conditions, QT’s and criteria applied.