Quals & Champs FAQ

Qualification & Championship Q & A


1. What are “Quals”?

  "Quals" are the Qualification Meets for the Louisville Swim Association (LSA) Season Championships.  In order to swim in championships, you must be one of the top 16 swimmers in an event.  The qualification meet encompasses all teams in our division.


2. How do I know if my swimmer can swim in “Quals”?

Each year, the LSA sets time standards for each individual event. Any swimmer who has met that time standard is eligible to swim that event in the qualification meet. Time standards can be found on our website.


3. Does my swimmer get to swim everything in "Quals"?

No.  As the qualification meet encompasses all teams in our division, there is a limit of 3 individual events per swimmer. 


4. What about relays?

Teams are not required to “qualify” relays, but are given relay positions for 2 relays in each age group relay event.  All Age Relays are limited to one relay per team.


5. Why are there two "Qual" meets?

In order to accommodate all swimmers from all teams, the qualifications are broken down into two days.  Quals for 11 & Older will be on July 10th at Woods of St. Thomas, while Quals for 10 & Under will be on July 12th at Copperfield.  


6. What is the “Clerk of Course”?

The Clerk of Course is an area where swimmers are staged prior to their events.  If you are an Age Group Parent at Qualifications and/or Championships, you will escort the children to the Clerk of Course when they are called, where they will be staged in chairs then put in correct lanes at the appropriate time. .


7. Can my swimmers still practice, even if they didn’t qualify?

We encourage all of our swimmers to practice with the team up to and including their qualification meet date. 


8. What if my swimmer doesn’t make Championships?

If your swimmer does not place in the Top 16  in an individual event at the Qualification meet, he/she may still be on a relay at the Championship Meet.  The relay lists will be published as soon as possible.  It is important that you let the coaching staff know if you do not want your swimmer in a relay.  Also, if your swimmer is an alternate (either in an individual event or in a relay) please plan on having them at the Championship meet, prepared to swim.