Swim Meet 101


A few things to help you out:


•    Warm-up times will vary depending on if the meet is Home or Away- an email will be sent out in advance with warm-up times for each meet. When you arrive at the meet, please check your swimmer in at the team table and sign-in with the Meet Coordinator (Anne Simpson) if you are working the meet. Then you will make your way over to the team area and touch base with the Age Group Parent if your child has one. 


    •    Meets will start at 6 PM and continue until around 10 PM. 


    •    There are 80 events in a meet; there is an intermission after the first half events are concluded (Events 1-40). Volunteers can take a small break and/or switch with second half workers; 6U & 8U swimmers will be finished at intermission, unless they have been asked to swim up (coaches would speak with you directly about this).


    •    At every meet there will be a heat sheet (we email out the PDF before the start of the meet) to show the lineup for each event. 


    •    Please write your swimmers Event, Heat and Lane assignments on their forearm. The Age Group Parent will be there to help you. Also, write their last name and age group on shoulder blade. 


    •    Encourage children (6U, 8U, 10U) to sit with his/her age group ‘area’ and to stay close to the Age Group Parent.  Please notify the Age Group Parent if your child needs to go to restroom or leaving the area for snack, etc.


  • Generally the morning after a swim meet, you will find any ribbons and/or speeding tickets your swimmer earned in the team mailbox. Every child has their own folder within the box. The team mailbox can be found on the ‘coaches table’ during practice hours. Speeding tickets are awarded to any swimmer that achieved a best time during the swim meet. Be sure to keep the attached coin for the Fun Cart!