Our Teams

The Westfield Area Y Flyers Track Club offers the following options:

Developmental Team

The focus of the Developmental program is to teach the fundamentals of track & field in a fun environment. Each season lasts about 8 weeks in length. The Developmental Team practices twice per week during each season. In the fall cross country season, athletes on this team will improve their endurance and running technique. In the first 2 weeks of the spring and summer seasons, athletes will have a chance to sample all of the running and field events that are offered for their age group. As the season progresses, the athletes get the opportunity to focus on the events they enjoy most.

Competitive Team

The Competitive program is designed for athletes that want to excel in track & field. Athletes are expected to have a base level of conditioning at the start of the program. Athletes on the Competitive Team will have more rigorous workouts and less rest time than those on the Developmental Team. The Competitive Team also adds an additional practice each week to increase performance at meets. In most cases, if your child has never done track & field or cross country before, we recommend they join the Developmental Team their first session with us, however exceptions have been made based on the Director's recommendation. Athletes on this team are expected to set goals and the coaches will guide the athletes in achieving those goals. While meets are not mandatory, they are encouraged for athletes on this team.

Cranford Middle School Team

This afterschool program in Cranford is designed for students in 6th-8th grades that attend Orange Avenue or Hillside Avenue schools. This is great for athletes with or without experience in track & field or cross country. Athletes are invited to participate in meets but they are not mandatory.