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New MAAPP Policy

This week’s Parent Education is important and does require action on your part. I will be sending more reminders about this until the June 23rd deadline.

A few weeks ago, USA Swimming released their new Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP). This policy is mandated by SafeSport and USA Swimming and all teams affiliated with USA Swimming are required to abide by it.

Many of the policies in the new MAAPP were already followed by Reno Aquatic Club, but there are some changes we need to implement. One of these being that each family must acknowledge the policy on an annual basis. We have set up a link on our website with the policy. Please visit this link and acknowledge you have read it by clicking the “Attend” button. All team families MUST acknowledge the MAAPP by June 23, 2019 for their swimmer to remain a member in good standing of Reno Aquatic Club and participate in activities of the Club including practice  and swim meets.

Another new component is all 18+ swimmers on RENO must do the adult athlete protection training. All affected athletes have been notified of this training and it also must be finished by June 23. 

Click here for the full policy.

Click here to acknowledge the policy.

The new policy is created to protect our athletes. I believe we need to continue to educate and empower our swimmers. If they are uncomfortable with a coach and/or an adult, they need to be able to voice their concerns. Within Pacific Zone-4 (the zone that RENO is a part of), there have been discussions of doing more in-depth training for our swimmers. I will keep you posted and be sharing more information in the coming months.