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Raley's Card

Raley’s Quality of Life Cards


Raley’s Quality of Life Card is a paperless ongoing fundraiser.  First, enroll in the program, then present your Raley’s card at check-out each time you shop.  Periodically Reno Aquatic Club will receive a check for a percentage of your purchases.  No fees, no change in the way you purchase your groceries, no pre-planning. 

How to enroll:

1.       Get your Quality of Life Card from Julie Schultz (phone #448-6168 or e-mail

2.       Register at

·         At the right side of the web page where it says “Sign Up Free,” fill in your e-mail address and click “Sign Up.”

·         You will receive an e-mail from Raley’s.  Click the link in the e-mail; it will take you to your account page.  Complete your quick account registration.

3.       Activate your card.

·         Return to

·         Click on Q-Card scrip program at the bottom/middle of the page.

·         Under Step 3: Activate Your Card, click on where it says “click here to activate your card.”

·         Fill in your Quality of Life Card Number, which is located on the back of your card and then reenter it.

·         Fill in the requested information.  (Search for Reno Aquatic Club as the benefiting organization.)

·         Click on Activate.

4.       Present your card to the cashier each time you shop, before the sale is final.

Already have a Raley’s card?  Consider changing the benefitting organization to Reno Aquatic Club.  You can also benefit more than one organization, if you have other affiliations.  Go to:, log in, and make your changes.