RENO Team Partners

Dear RENO Aquatic Club Parents:

As we kick off our Swim-A-Thon fundraiser, it seems appropriate to mention some important points relative to our Club’s fund raising program.

Fundraising has never been and never will be an easy or particularly enjoyable event.  Nevertheless, fundraising is an integral part of our annual operating budget.  It becomes challenging to offer the unique experience every child receives from RENO Aquatic Club without this important component.

Everyone realizes in these hard economic times the stress placed upon families.  We appreciate any and all help.  Our goal is to raise $17,000 with this one fundraiser.  Spread out amongst our members we are asking every swimmer to collect $100 (families of two or more: $200).  If you or anyone you know is interested in making a donation and/or a business or corporate sponsorship, please contact our club office or any Board Member for more information.

There are great incentives this year!

  • For every additional $100 over the first $200 you collect, RENO will place $20 towards the swimmer’s monthly dues.
  • Top three money raisers in each group will receive prizes:
    • Third place receives a RENO t-shirt
    • Second place receives a RENO Towel
    • First place receives a $30 gift card to NorCal Swim Shop
  • The swimmer that collects the most from the entire team will receive $200 gift certificate to NorCal Swim Shop and a RENO Aquatic Club parka!(or something of similar value)
  • The group that raises the most money will have a party at Yogurt Beach.
  • **Any swimmer that raises $500 and over will receive a $100 gift card to NorCal Swim Shop** (Top team earner will receive only those incentives)

Please, let’s all work together to make this program successful so that all our swimmers will benefit.

Donation packets have been distributed.  If you have any questions please contact Susan Schraeder at 775-722-0648 or  We ask that you try to bring your donation packets to the Swim-A-Thon.  You can collect the money as a flat fee per sponsor or a per lap donation.  Thank you in advance for your support of this event.


Reno Aquatic Club Staff and Board of Directors