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Scrip Coordinator – Julie Schultz – phone 775-448-6168 or email

Scrip is a fundraising program in which companies across the country donate funds to organizations whose members buy scrip cards for the companies’ stores.  When you purchase a scrip card, you get 100% of the money to make purchases and the company donates a percentage to Reno Aquatic Club.  Think for a moment of the places you shop on a frequent basis – Starbucks gives us 9%, Home Depot – 5%, Walmart – 2%, Borders – 9%, iTunes – 7%, Applebee’s – 8%, Chili’s – 9%, P.F. Chang’s – 8%, Dillard’s – 9%, – 4%, J. Crew - 13%, Jiffy Lube – 8% - the list goes on and on.  Here’s where you can find the entire list:  List of Particpating Retailers.  Once you're on that page, you can click on the link at the lower right for a .pdf list of all participating retailers.

Scrip is an easy money-maker for our club.  It costs you nothing but a little planning - the merchants make the donations while you get 100% of your money.  You know you'll be buying things anyway; why not benefit the club as well?

In addition, for every three dollars a family raises ordering scrip, that family will have one dollar credited to their account to offset part of their dues.  The credit will be applied to accounts twice a year.  Raise money for the club and you'll receive a reduction in dues equal to 1/3 of the money you earn through the scrip program.  This is a great opportunity to have the businesses that you shop support our club and your swimmer!

Here’s how it works!

For now, scrip orders will be placed on the first Tuesday after the 15th of the month.  Please have your orders in by the day prior to ensure you’re included in the order.

  1. Create an account by clicking on the ”Create Account” link below.  Reno Aquatic Club’s Enrollment Code is 39A566B214288.  This code is needed to create your online account.
  2. Place your orders online at  Once you place your order, Julie Schultz will receive an e-mail from shopwithscrip informing her of your order.  If you do not want to create your own account and shop on line you can Download the family order form, fill it out and turn it in to Julie Schultz along with your payment.
  3. Make your check out to Reno Aquatic Club and get it to Julie Schultz prior to the order being placed.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Schultz or John Fidaleo.

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Pay For Scrip Here  Please remember there is a small handling fee associated with using PrestoPay and PayPal.  Contact Julie Schultz to determine the exact amount due.