RENO Team Partners

Like many organizations, Reno Aquatic Club must fundraise to keep dues from rising and to provide our swimmers the best experience possible.  There are many opportunities available and this portion of our website will provide details.

Reno Aquatic Club is offering new promotions for your family and/or business.  Please check out our new incentive packages to help support our team and promote your business;




Please check out the Grocery Clubs pages.  Just 50 families using these clubs and spending $400 per month on groceries (and with swimmers who among us doesn't) will bring thousands of dollars into the club without selling anything or soliciting pledges.  Invite your friends and family to list us as the beneficiary of their purchases to raise even more money.

We are always searching for new and innovative ways to raise money so please don't hesitate to provide suggestions to the Board of Directors or the coaching staff.
Click on each fundraiser to learn more:
•   Swim-A-Thon
•   Raley's Card