New for Registration

A few changes this year (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!):

  1. There is an option to select a specific practice/registration group. This was to allow for better tracking of those that sign their child up for the Evening Practice option or Mini team.

  2. The Evening practice option is only offered at this time to 10&under swimmers (no Mini team swimmers) due to the limited lanes available and need to be able to swim 25meters.

  3. Only the first 25 swimmers signed up and marked as PAID will be permitted in the Evening Practice.

  4. The total you will see at the end of registration includes the additional $200 Volunteer check (also a change from last year!). This is also for better tracking of payment. This HAS to be a separate check to allow for returning upon completion of volunteer credits.

We did NOT change the number of credit hours required for each family. It is still 8 credits per family for regular team and 3 credits per family for those who only have swimmers on Mini Team. There will be plenty of opportunities to satisfy those credits. If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please feel free to reach out to Laura McKay at