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See what Katy Aquatics SwimAmerica™ Program is doing!

"As a former competitive swimmer, I have high standards for youth swimming programs. The SwimAmerica™ Program at BSC is top-notch. I continue to be impressed with the consistency, dedication, and compassion that I see every day by John and his staff of instructors. The daily session offerings promote rapid growth and development with a nice focus on technique at each station or level. Unlike other swim programs, Swim America has a unique approach to teaching children - as children master the skills at each station, they move levels as needed, and in the case of one of our children, multiple levels in one daily lesson. This concept is so rewarding for children because they see immediate results instead of being "locked in" to any one level for the duration of the program like some other programs we have tried. We have seen such growth in our three children who are now mid-way through their second year in the program. I am hopeful that this program will expand into other offerings throughout the calendar year! Keep up the good work!"

- Patty Palmer, former Division I Syracuse University swimmer. Written based on the SwimAmerica™ program being run by John Pringle at Bridgewater State College, 34 Park Ave, Bridgewater, MA.

"Every club swimming coach should be operationing a SwimAmerica™ Learn to Swim program in conjunction with their competitive swimming program. The Entry Level of our sport is Learn to Swim. You are much more likely to attract new competitive swimmers to your team when you are in direct control of the entry level of the sport. In addition to having direct access to swimmers and parents who are interested in swimming, you have the opportunity to establish great swimming technique in potential swimmers on your team at the very earliest stages of their involvement in our sport."

- Rick Klatt, Head Coach, Fresno Dolphins Swim Team, CA

"We have found that the SwimAmerica™ program has been one of the keys to the continued success of our club program. It provides a good base for entry level swimmers to learn the skills needed to become the competitive athletes of the future. It has become not only a cornerstone base of our team, but also provides firm financial footing for our clubs future."

- Steve Bialorucki, Head Coach, Old Dominion Aquatic Club, Virginia Beach – VA

"SwimAmerica™ is a must for every swim coach. When I started our SwimAmerica™ program in 1992, I had four goals:

  1. Create a swim lesson program that is far superior to the lessons being offered in our area at the time. (Quality)
  2. Create a feeder program for our club team.
  3. Supplement my own income.
  4. Provide an opportunity for our high school and college swimmers to earn money without disrupting their training schedule.

"The SwimAmerica™ program moves swimmers along in simple, easy to follow levels that teaches kids to swim the competitive strokes quickly and efficiently. While not all swimmers, will join our club, they will all know the most efficient way to swim. As for my goals, Swim with Bill LLC offers the best lessons in the area, with 70 kids from our lesson program joining our club team in the last year. Our high school and college swimmers can teach lessons between swim practices, which allows them to earn money without distrupting their training regimen. As for my own income (which is greatly enhanced due to the swim lesson program), 80% comes from the lesson program. The lesson program has also allowed us to supplement some of our coaches salaries by having them work extra hours as supervisors in our lesson program. A head coach running a SwimAmerica™ program makes perfect sense. I can not imagine our club program without it!"

-Bill Schalz, Schalz Swim School, Inc., Aurora, IL

"SwimAmerica™ has allowed us to create the perfect feeder program for our competitive program, McGuire Aquatic Club. Each year we have over 20 lesson swimmers graduate to the swim team. These swimmers enter our team already knowing the proper technique and terminology on their first day. SwimAmerica™ provides us with an opportunity to reach out to families who are new and unsure of proper swimming technique. We run SwimAmerica™ and our swim team at the same time in the same pool. Our parents love having the "one-stop shop" for all of their children. We have noticed a number of families stay and watch the older swimmers and comment on how their lesson child can get to that level. SwimAmerica™ has provided us coaches with a stable means of additional income. We have increased our coaches salaries by up to 30% since we began our lesson program. Any coach who is serious about coaching as a profession needs to have SwimAmerica™ as their lesson program. A National Program, Created by Coaches for Coaches!!!"

- Brian McGuire, Head Coach, McGuire Aquatic Club