Tryout Results

July 2019

Thank you so much for participating in our tryouts. We sincerely appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to swim for us. While we wish we could take everyone, unfortunately, we cannot ask everyone to join our team at this time.

If your child’s name does NOT appear on the list

  • Your swimmer may participate in our Septmeber tryout as we have not filled our team
  • Visit for a complete listing of our swim programs offered for children of every age.  Evaluations can be arranged through  our aquatics department with contacts located on this page


If your child’s name does appear on the list:


  • Register your swimmer(s) in our Team Unify database to make your $100 deposit by 7/31/19
    • You will be sent an email with a link to registration. At the end of the registration process, you will be asked for your $100 deposit per swimmer.
    • If you have multiple swimmers on the team, you are entitled to a discount. This discount will be taken during the online Team Unify registration.
  • Make your full swim team program payment before 9/6 in person at the YMCA.
    • You may make your balance payment over the phone if your swimmer has a valid Summit YMCA membership through March 2019
    • A full explanation of program fees can be found in the PAYMENT DOCUMENT Please read it carefully as it explains program fees.
  • A payment plan is available for those families that have more than one child on the team and can be found at the end of the payment document above. It must be filled out and brought back to the front desk of the Y by 9/6/19 to be considered.

 Additional steps for NEW SAY SWIMMERS:

  • Come into the YMCA after you register to sign up for a swimmer or family membership
  • If your child is transferring from another WINTER team, it is VERY important that you fill out Transfer Form. Please return it with a $5 check (no cash!!!) made out to NJSWIM to the front desk of the Y when you sign up for a membership
Mark Albarez   John Liontakis
Nicole Antonio   Austin Lu
Margot Armstrong   Kevin Lu
Henry Ascher   Sawyer Lukanski
Ryan Bancone   Corbin Lukanski
Aditi Banerjee   Sophia Lukov
Ayush Banerjee   Grace Madden
Emma Batljan   Ava Manning   
Luka Batljan   Rowan Maurizi
Camryn Bedder   Fiona McArthur
Ava Biegel   Amelia McArthur  
Megan Bowen     Callum McDonagh
Norah Bowen     Matthew McGregor
Noam Brooks   Marley McSweeney
Bayley Buchanan   Fiona McSweeney  
Zach Bye     Connie Mercado-Marchant
Paige Cahill   Sebastian Mercado-Marchant
Maeve Caldwell   Luka Milinkovic  
William Carver   Max  Milinkovic  
James Cava   Ava Miller
Jane Cepeda     Jake Miller
Kathryn Cepeda     Skylar Milun
Shreyas Chauhan   Charles Moon
Hazel Chen   William Moon
Tyler Chen   John Murray III
Megan Chiella   Sean Naughter
Anneliese Claus   Alejandro Nociari
Emma Claus   Melanie Nunn
Isabel Claus   Connor O"Neill
Grace Collins   Jack O'Neill
Floyd Conlin   Julia Owens
Jillian Counihan   Brynn Patarozzi
Carly Criares     Paige Patarozzi
Sarina Cusumano   Isabella Patyk
Bridget Daab   Bevin Perdue
Alyssa Demarco   John Pittarissi
Madeline Demm   Harris Pollock
Brooke Devlin     Catherine Pothier
Lucy  Devlin     Chip Powers
Matthew Dixter   Addison Reheis
Margaret Dolan   Emerson Reheis
Willam Dolan   Caroline Rewey
Iona Dowden   William Roselle
Kyle Dripchak   Cormac Rouse
Melanie Dripchak   Sara Scallon
Natalie Dripchak   Clara Schulz
Meghan Dwyer     Emily Segal
Olivia Engmann   Zone Segal  
Caitlin Fagan   Amanda Semsel
Molly Fagan   Lauren Sexton
Kieran Feely   Lauren Siegel
Brinn Fitzsimmons     Nicole Sim
Aidan Forrester   Emilia Sonneman
Caroline Fox   Logan Steffa
Ryan Fox   Shalen Sternberg
Alexandra Francis   Maya Sternberg
Eliana Gall   Lucas Stravoiu
Christopher Gannon   Julietta Stravoiu
Jacob Gingeleskie   Vlad Sydorenko
Rory Gingeleskie   Aiden Tapia
Amanda Goceljak   Devin Tapia
John Goceljak   Sophia Taskila
Lucas Greenwald      Cameron Tham
Bella Guarino   Sarah Thomas
Alisha Gupta     Chad Thompson
Bennett Harvey   Julian Thorn Leeson
Harlow Hatch   Chloe Thorn Leeson
William Hedges   Emma Vachal
Katherine Hicks   Jack Vargas
Maddie Hicks     Audrey Vargas
Moira Horan     Declan Vargas
James Hou   Katrina Vianello
Sophia Hou   Charles Vlass
Isla Johnston   Jeffrey Vlass
Nia Joseph   Aivy Vu
Lily Karcich   Elizabeth Washburn
William Kasemeyer   Maya Weinmann
Autumn Keats-O'Connor   Indiya Weinmann
Betsey Keenan   Henry Weintraub
Deirdre  Keenan       Maeve Willmann
Greg   Keenan       Valerie Wisniewski
Benjamin Kim   Natalie Wisniewski
Jayden Kim   Sophie Wisniewski
Charles Kline   Caden Wong
Sophie Kline     Ethan Wong
Paul Knecht   Aaron Wu   
Beata Knecht   Jon Yu
Chloe Korn   Jesse Yu  
Neko Korn      Deniz Zeran
Mackenzie Landsittel   Brenda Zhang
Martha Lewand   Vivian Zhang
Katherine Liang