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90% of the information we pass on to parents is through this website and email. Please be sure your junk mail net allows us through so you get important information. Although we do our best to keep everyone well-informed, it is ultimately the member’s responsibility. Concerns and questions can be directed to Coach Jake at:

[email protected]

Information and updates are provided through these resources:

  • Email Updates - highlights of past and upcoming activities, results and changes.
  • Team Website - provides event & meet schedules, monthly calendar, and news updates
  • Contact us - use the button in the side browser for an easy-to-use form that will provide direct contact with team management. Coaches contacts are available on the "coaches" link at the top-left-corner of the team website. 
  • Pro Active - All members benefit from a 'proactive' effort to remain informed. Remaining aware of news updates and new info posted on the team web is important. Meets frequently have distant deadlines, but will be sold out within a few days or even hours. We will update information in as timely a manner as we can provide.