CRUZ Partners
Swim Groups

Santa Cruz Swimming (CRUZ) offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. CRUZ offers age-specific training for all of our athletes. All CRUZ swimmers pursue fitness, and the majority choose to compete, so CRUZ offers fitness swimming with the option to compete, or competition training with the goal of regular competition. Our racing swimmers gain respect for self improvement through competitions which provide regular opportunities to improve individual times in each of the strokes. Through consistent attention to race performance members develop greater respect for self improvement, leading each to become their best. Please contact us to schedule a try-out.


Intro to Strokes  (2 laps unassisted, Head Coach invite)

M,W,F   $100 monthly.


For swimmers age 7-10.

Group will focus on developing proficient Freestyle and Backstroke swims.

Group will develop basic skills for Dolphin and Breaststroke kick.

Streamlines and deck level dives are also introduced.

Swimmer will demonstrate complete willingness to work with coaches.

Fridays are Race Day Rehearsals. 

Swimmers in this group will be encouraged to start competing in 25/50 yard events at meets.




IMReady  (legal 100 IM at sanctioned meet, Head Coach invite)

T,H,F  $130 monthly


For swimmers ages 8-11.

Focus is on the skills to race the 100 IM (25 fly + 25 back + 25 breast +25 free).

Swimmers who have developed good free and back swims and are proficient at breast and fly kick are invited to join this group.

Learning basic swim and safety rules, to work in a group as a team, proper lane etiquette, team rules regarding respect for others.




12&U A-Team  (9-10 "B" times in 3 strokes, Head Coach invite)

M-F  $160 monthly


This group introduces more advanced race strategies, goal setting, and healthy lifestyle. The focus is on more advanced developments in stroke techniques, refining skills involving dives and turns, and moderate advance in daily training intensity and aerobic capacity. These members begin to prioritize swimming above other extracurricular activities. Competition is focused on qualifying for our February team travel meet, the CC Junior Olympics.


Parents support consistent attendance, and are involved in team volunteerism & fundraising.

Swimmer demonstrates a positive attitude toward coaches, teammates, and parents.

Has knowledge of intervals and how to use pace clock for send offs.

Has developed proper race start and turns with sustained streamlines.

Has lead their Lane and Group consistently while in IM Ready Group.



Senior 1  (4 laps unassisted, Head Coach invite)

M-Th $160 monthly


Ages 12-18. Great for the multi-sport athlete or high school swimmer looking to advance from JV to Varsity. This group will focus on conditioning thru basic drills and athletes are encouraged to fully participate in competition.





Senior 2 (16 x 100 @ 1:30, Head Coach invite)

Monday - Friday $190 monthly


Ages 12-18. This group will find it essential to train daily with fellow teammates who share a similar focus. High school sports involvement is encouraged, but is considered second to the commitment with CRUZ. This group will not be easy, it will require continual improvements in psychological and physical strength and a strong desire to reach peak potential as swimmers