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Swim Progression

Advancement is decided by the coaching staff. The staff is regularly looking for ways to help swimmers advance. The staff meets weekly to discuss each swimmer and determine further efforts. Swimmers will improve, each at their own rate. The best thing parents can do to help that is to assure the swimmer attends meets, attends all practices, and gets lots of hugs. Then step back and let the coaches help the swimmers find that fast fish and love for the water. When parents volunteer with the team their swimmers see how important teamwork and swimming are to the family and will improve more rapidly and have more fun.

Typical Swim Career

  • Starts in Basic Balance (age 6,7,8). Learn basic free & back. start racing 25's/50's Free/Back. [typically takes 3-6 months to be ready to advance to Intro]
  • Advance to Intro-to-Strokes (6,7,8,9). Learn more advanced Free/Back and basic Breast & Fly. start racing 50's of all 4 strokes [typically takes 5-8 months to advance to IM Ready]
  • Advance to IM Ready (age 7,8,9,10). Learn race starts, Legal in all strokes, consistent meet participation. [typically takes 6-10 months to advance to A-Team]
  • Advance to A-Team (age 8,9,10). Learn advanced methods of strokes, turns, starts, streamlines. Goal is A-times in  all 100's. [typically takes 7-12 months to advance to JO-Team]
  • Advance to JO-Team (age 9,10,11,12). Learn advanced race & training techniques, fine tune details, Goal is JO times in all events.
  • Advance to Senior (age 13)
    • Swimmers getting started at age 11 (or older) will begin in Fit.
    • Swimmers 10 & younger not attending meets are welcome in the Development groups. 
    • Swimmers turning 12 in IM Ready or A-Team typically advance to Fit.
    • Swimmers in JO-team typically advance to Prep or Comp by age 13.
    • All members 13 & older train in either the Senior Fit, Prep, or Comp divisions.

We do not rely on "Talent" ...Hardwork, Dedication and Attitude make champions regardless of perceived ‘natural’ skills.

CRUZ is a swim team. Like all teams, we are competitively based. Like everything, balance is important to healthy life. Competition is the same. It is an essential part of life and we must learn to bring out our best and balance it with other commitments in life and learn when to turn it off. Swimming provides one of the best atmospheres to learn how to balance our competitive drives, how to truly give it our best, and how to be a team player by being a good sport. To refuse this is being competitive with a negative attitude. We use racing to bring out the best in ourselves and others with a positive outlook.

We aim to surpass our previous best at every race and practice. Trophies, Medals, Ribbons are NOT measures of success. We earn self respect and esteem by improving ourselves through determination.


For more info  ~  Team Policies & Handbook


Swimmers may start at any age. We have training groups for swimmers age 6 & older. We divide our team into 3 main divisions. Development, Junior Competitive, and Seniors. These categories are further divided to provide for skill development appropriate to each swimmers skill and commitment.

Development is divided into; Basic Balance, Intro-to-Strokes, and IM Ready. Basic Balance and Intro-to-Strokes focuses on developing great basics for Freestyle and Backstroke. The IM Ready finishing the Development of the Breaststroke and Butterfly.  Swimmers can begin racing at any age and adapt quickly when introduced to racing right away. To advance to the Junior Competitive Groups swimmers demonstrate sustained High Roller (85% attendance) plus they race for CRUZ at 1 meet per month where they compete in all 4 strokes legally.  Those not wishing to compete are welcome to remain in IM Ready till they are 12 when they will advance to Sr Fit.

Junior Competitive is divided into A-Team and JO-Team. These are competitive groups and all members in these groups attend 1 meet per month. Swimmers sustain High Roller status with an increased number of practices.  All members will train and race in all 4 strokes, regardless of perceived talent. The focus of these groups is identical to there names. Swimmers are working to achieve A-times in all their event s in the A-team, while JO team is focused on there JO Qualifying times. These swimmers attend all team championships.. Both of these groups are focused on refining strokes to develop life long swim skills using progressive methods that greatly reduce the potential for shoulder, knee, or back injuries. We talk a lot and help swimmers learn to monitor themselves (strokes, times, heart rates, breathing, etc). We think these skills are part of why swimmers seem to always do great in the class room and in group projects.

Senior is divided into Fit, Prep, and Comp. Fit group provides opportunities to have a lot of fun while becoming a good swimmer. Many in this group do choose to compete, but it is not required. Prep group is a determined group for competitive teens. They race regularly and many are nearing JO times. Prep train with  Fit or Prep 2 days a week plus with Comp 3 days a week.  Comp Group is the peak competitive training group at CRUZ. This group develops advanced dryland and we are always looking for opportunities to refine stroke, strategies, and details.  The Comp group cycles through times of  endurance training and intense sprinting. We have a fresh approach that has proven to be more fun and functional. Comp is designed for swimmers who wish to commit to training every day and are committed to swimming in all meets on the Senior Meet Schedule.