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Grievance Procedure


Grievance Policy and Procedures

CAC –expects excellence from its employees, coaches, Club leadership, parents, and swimmers. CAC commitment to excellence and safety, individuals or groups must be held accountable for behaviors, words, and actions that do not represent the values and conduct expected from USA Swimming and CAC members. 


  1. Swimmer conduct
  2. Assistant or Age Group Coach Conduct
  3. Head Coach Conduct
  4. Employee Conduct (non-swim team employees)
  5. USA Swim Official or swim team parent conduct


The Head Coach and/or Board have the authority to impose penalties for infractions. Consequences are at the sole discretion of the Coaches and/or Board and may include, but aren’t limited to, verbal warnings, dismissal from practice, contacting parents, and expulsion. USA Swimming and local law enforcement (if applicable) will be contacted within 24 hours if a swimmer violates the USA Swimming Code of Conduct, Athlete Protection Policy, or local laws.

WHOM TO NOTIFY OF A GRIEVANCE (The Grievance Chain-of-Command)

f you have a concern relating to bullying, parent issues, unfair treatment, or violations of the Swimmer, Parent, or Coach Code of Conduct, please reach out to either your swimmer's coach or the Board. If your concern relates to inappropriate behavior or  Violations of USA Swimming’s Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) Please report the incident immediately to our SafeSport Coordinator.