Santa Clarita


Santa Clarita Pool

27285 Seco Canyon Road

Santa Clarita, CA 91350



From the Valencia Town Center: West on Valencia Blvd. Left on Seco Canyon. About 1.5 miles up Seco 1 block past Decoro. Left into parking lot. 


From the West Side: Take the Old Road to Rye Canyon. Right on Rye Canyon. Continue up Rye Canyon and turn right on Decoro. Take Decoro past McBean up and over the hill and  turn left on Seco. 1 block north, left into parking lot



Please do not wait on any curb for your swimmers.  Wait in a normally marked parking spot until you see your swimmers then you may pull up to a curb.  



You can quickly drop off your swimmer anywhere that is safe around SCP.  You cannot park and wait in the middle of the parking lot for any duration of time as this impedes the flow of through traffic and has been deemed unsafe.  To pick up your swimmer, you must park and in a designated spot either in the parking lot or on the curb of Seco Canyon Road and wait for your swimmer to exit facility.