Senior Groups

Please note these locations and time change for summer training.


Coach: David Kuck


Swimmers in High School and older are selected to train in this group from our other Senior programs by the coaching staff.  Only the best swimmers with regards to time standards and previous commitment are selected to be members. The best training with the best, all with common goals, work ethic, and desire to be good team members while striving to reach the next level.  Swimmers must show a high level of dedication,  time management, and leadership in and out of the pool with the goal being progress to the NCAA, National, and International levels.  Technique, endurance, speed, and dry land training are done with an intensity and versatility that can allow you to reach that goal. 





Coach: Kevin Nielsen


Swimmers in High School are eligible to apply for our Senior II Group.  Time standards achieved and previous attendance are weighed heavily in the application process.  The objective of all Senor II workouts is to help the swimmers gain the skills necessary to be ready for our Senior III National group and reach the Junior National, and National level.  The training methods and techniques used are similar to the Senior III group and designed to prepare you for the highest levels of swimming. Although versatility and fundamentals are a priority we begin to better identify the events that look to take you to the next level the fastest. Move ups can take place at any time. This Group has a minimum attendance requirement of 90%. Group re-deployments will be done in August and February.





Kevin Nielsen

Swimmers in high school can apply to join the Senior I Group. Only swimmers that have aspirations of progressing through the Senior Program and swim year round will be allowed in this group. Swimmers must be willing to commit to all scheduled practices and meets. This group has a minimum attendance requirement of 85%. Time standards achieved and previous attendance are weighed heavily in the application process. A spot in the group will be filled based on an application and tryout process.  Move-ups are done at coaches discretion and based on room in the group. Group re-deployments will be done in August and February.




Coach: Erik Johnson


This group is for a range of High School Athletes from those wanting to compete as part of Canyons Aquatic club and advance to the Senior Groups to those just interested in staying in shape for their High School Season. Meet participation is not required but encouraged and swimmers can come to as many or as few practices as they would like depending on their commitment level.  All swimmers should have knowledge of the four competitive strokes and to be ready to participate in a swimming workout before joining. Swimmers who have already achieved membership on their high school team do not have to be assessed to join this group. Swimmers new to competitive swimming should be assessed. This group has no attendance requirement.