Promotion Info

Promotion to the next level of swim team group is strictly at the discretion of the coaching staff and has nothing to do with the Office Staff or the Board of Directors. Major promotions to our senior groups are usually done at the end of short course and long course seasons. An application form is handed out to potential candidates. If you do not receive an application and you think you should be promoted, please speak to your coach.

Age group and Novice groups can promote at any time. The best way to earn a promotion is to attend swim meets and all practices and achieve certain time standards. Promotion preferences will always be given to swimmers who attend practice regularly and show improvement at competition.

Careful consideration should be taken when accepting a promotion as the requirements of your new group may be too difficult or time consuming. Turning down a promotion is sometimes the right choice.

Although its inevitable that someone that wants to move up may not be selected, this is a fair process we have been using successfully many years.  Please contact your coach if you have any questions.