Board Of Directors
Canyons Aquatic Club has been a board run non-profit organization since our inception in 1978. Currently our Board of Directors is comprised of 6 members. 5 Off the Board Members are elected with the 6th Board Member appointed by a majority vote of the standing board.
Board elections are each year with a minimum of 2 up for election each year. Terms are for 2 years. Board members are elected by "Club Members" (Parents of swimmers) and by "Team Members" (swimmers over 18 years old) during our general election in the fall. 
The 6th Seat on the board of directors of the Canyons Aquatic Club will be appointed based on their genuine interest in the Club’s mission. Candidates should have qualification and skills particularly relevant to current needs associated with the ongoing development of the Club. This person does not have to be a CLUB MEMBER and should be (but not required) a member of the local community or the swim community.  A candidates for the appointed seat must fill out standard application.  
The Executive membership of the board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Those positions are nominated and voted upon by the six members of the board. Terms of service are from January to December.
Canyons offers no remuneration for sitting on our board other than a waiver of Family Commitment fees.
General questions can be sent to: or directly to any of the members of the board (see below).
The Canyons Aquatic Club Board of Directors meetings are scheduled by the Club President and available upon request. If you would like to present to the board, please contact a board member to make arrangements. Board meetings are generally private, but guests are welcome to request to address the board and attend the non-executive portion of the meeting. Non "Team Members" or "Club Members" are allowed to attend meetings at the Board’s discretion. 
To download an application to join the board as an appointed member, click here.
Garry Helgeson
Vance Brower
Vice President 
Carole Horst
John Morici
Member at Large
JR Grant
Member at Large
David Kuck
Head Coach/Member at Large