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Age Group I




Age Group I Performance Mon-Sa $145 $25

Age Group II




Age Group II Performance Mon-Sa $150 $25

Age Group III

Monday - Friday



Junior Olympic I

Monday - Friday



Junior Olympic II

Monday - Saturday



Senior Varsity

Monday - Friday



Senior Development

Monday -Saturday



Senior I

Monday - Saturday



Senior Elite

Monday - Saturday











When you join Canyons Aquatic Club for the first time each year, you can expect to pay the following fees:

1) Tuition:  This is a monthly fee which covers your training.

2) Annual Registration Fee:  This is an annual fee that includes covering your USA Swimming Membership. USA Swimming is the governing body of amateur swimming.  This is a mandatory fee that covers your insurance.

3) Family Commitment Fee: This is a monthly fee that helps cover the cost of running swim meets and other Canyons events.  You can earn your Family Commitment Fees  back by volunteering at Canyons events.



All Canyons swimmers pay a yearly registration fee of $100.00. This fee is charged at the time you register your swimmer. The fee covers the registration expenses and provides for (2) car stickers and USA Swimming membership/insurance. All team members are charged the fee and it is non refundable. The registration fee does not apply to Swim School.



Proration for late enrollment begin after the mid point of the session.  Swimmers enrolling before the mid-point must pay full fees.Family commitment fees will be prorated after half the month has passed. There are no prorates for pool closures due to unforeseen circumstances. Swimmers will be moved to available pools until the problem is fixed and can be returned to their regular pool location.



If your swimmer is promoted in the middle of a month, you will not have to pay an adjusted fee. Your new fee schedule will begin with the next invoice.



All payments must be made via credit card or debit card.  The process will work as follows:   When you register for the first time you will open/create an account with Canyons on our secured server.   A credit card or debit card must be placed on file at that time.   On the 21st of each month you will be invoiced for your tuition, family commitment and any meet fees you have incurred (see below).   This invoice will be sent to you via e-mail and be available for review on your account. Canyons will no longer accept tuition payment by check (some exceptions may apply). On the 1st of each month the invoice you received on the 21st will process and your card will be charged.   Once you register for the first time, you will be automatically re-registered each month.  There is absolutely nothing you need to do except read your invoices.



Canyons Aquatic Club only accepts credit card, debit card or direct checking account withdrawal payments for tuition and other payments.  We cannot accept personal checks, money orders or cash.


All payments are done on-line.  While our web site is 100% safe, we understand there are those who are still concerned about identity theft and on-line purchases.


The alternative to not using your personal credit cards or debit cards is to go to Wal-Mart (or other similar outlets) and get a re-load able Visa Prepaid Card (sometimes called Moneycard).  This is a safe way to pay for Canyons tuition or any other on-line purchase.  Simply load the card with the amount of money you need (this can be done on-line or at Wal-Mart).  The card is not linked to your bank account or any credit cards and your risk/exposure is non-existent.


To learn more about the Moneycard click HERE



Please note your payments are 100% secure.  To learn more about Team Unify and their security measures, click: here.




FAMILY 100 -  Any family choosing to pay their entire tuition for the year, up front will received a 10% discount.


FREE 4 PLUS - Families with 3 swimmers get any additional swimmers (4 and more) in the program free of charge. The 4th swimmer is defined as the youngest swimmer in the water. All swimmers from the same family must be siblings.


3 SWIMMER DISCOUNT - There is a $20 discount for the third swimmer from a family.


COC DISCOUNT - Students, faculty and staff receive a 15% discount on their swimmer’s tuition (there is no discount on FCF). To activate discount, you must come to the COC pool office during office hours and show proof of current employment at the college or student registration. Please note the COC discount applies to only one swimmer per family.




SCHOLARSHIPS- Canyons does offer assistance to dedicated swim families with economic issues. Assistance is short term and requires a contract of commitment. Contact a board member for information.



Swimmers will be entered in swim meets by their coaches. Payment for the meet fees will be made on a per meet basis and added to your monthly invoice.  On the 1st of the next month, the transaction will process along with your next tuition bill.


For some meets your coach will let you choose your events, for others you will be told what to swim by the coach.  Your job is to accept the swim meet on-line or reject it.  If you accept the meet you can then work with your coaches on any changes or do nothing other than show up and swim. The fees for the meet will be added to your monthly tuition bill and will transact with your monthly tuition on the 1 st of next month.  If you do not let your coach know that you can’t swim in a particular meet you will be charged for the meet entry and no refund can be issued.  It is the responsibility of the parents and swimmers to proof read all entries and times.


Participation in the Coordinated Meet Entry system is mandatory for all Canyons Swimmers.  We do not permit swimmers to send in their own entries without permission from a coach prior.  Swimmers will not be entered in any meets if they account falls into arrears.


Once a meet deadline has passed and Canyons Aquatic Club has paid the meet fees on behalf of the swimmer, there will be no refunds of meet fees. This includes if the swimmer is injured or sick.



If you choose to leave the club, you must notify our office team in writing.   They will deactivate your swimmer and insure that no further payments will process. Telling your coach will not terminate your account. It has to be in writing.  Termination without a medical note will be effective the next month.   If you fail to notify the club that you are no longer attached, you will continue to be charged until we are able to determine that you are no longer associated with the club.


If your swim membership is terminated by the Board Of Directors for disciplinary reasons, you will not receive a refund for the portion of the month missed.