Summer Meet Schedule

 Summer meet schedule.

The "Attending" column indicates which groups are scheduled to attend

Name Dates Location Attending Course


Super Hero AG Champs


March 31 COC Ag 1/2/3/CD Short Course

Far Westerns


April 5-8 Santa Clara Qualified (team and family travel) Short Course

SCS Senior Invite 


April 20 La Mirada Senior (optional unattached) LC

Coastal Blue, Red, White


April 28-29 Ventura JO and AG Perf, Varsity LC

Cinco de Mayo AG Meet


May 5 COC AG 1/2/3/CD Short Course

Memorial Day Meet


May 25-27 SCAC All Team non Grand Challenge LC

Speedo Grand Challenge


May 25-27 NOVA Senior Qualified LC

June Age Groups JAGS


June 15-17 Ventura JO / non-SMOC senior

BRW short course meet


June 23-24 PVST AG 1/2/3/CD Short Course

Clovis Summer Smash


June 23-24 Clovis


Top 10 (team travel)


SMOC (swim meet of champions)


June 21-24 Mission Viejo Senior Qualified LC

Aloha AG Meet


July 12 COC AG 1/2/3/CD Short Course

LA Invite


July 13-15 USC Fully Qualified LC

Coastal Blue, Red, White


July 14-15 Ventura Choice LC



July 20-23 SCAC Sectional Qualified LC

Summer JO's


July 25-29 Riverside JO Qualified, Senior  LC

Summer Junior Nationals


July 30-Aug 4 Irvine Qualified LC



Aug 2-5 Santa Clara Futures Qualified (team travel) LC