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Age Group Training (18 and under)

Training Groups

The Clemson Aquatic Team offers a variety of training levels for all athletes. From the novice swimmer to the most advanced, CAT is able to provide the education and training needed for athletes to achieve their goals.

The Head Coach makes all group assignments based on his expertise.

As the athletes progress in their training and ability, they will be promoted to the next level training group. Each progressive training group will require more time of the athletes and their families to insure continuity in training and continued achievement.

HydroTigers: A developmental group for athletes who are interested in swimming and learning to swim the right way. A heavy focus will be placed on drills/stroke mechanics and teaching the youngest and newest athletes on CAT to have a long and fruitful swimming experience. There will be practices offered three times a week for an hour each time. Your athlete must be able to swim at least 50 yards freestyle, 25 yards of one other stroke, and be comfortable in the water and be accepted by the Head Coach. Age Range: 11 and under OR new swimmers to the team with limited experience. Equipment Requirements: Kick Board and Fins. (Available at the Team Store)

Juniors: An age group developmental and competitive group for those athletes who have all the basic skills of the sport and can understand workouts and their requirements each day. This group has a solid focus on refining techniques fixing minor flaws in strokes and urging these athletes to the competitive side of the sport. There will be practices offered 5 times a week (Monday-Friday) with the expectation being that athletes will attend 3-4 of those workouts each week. Age Range: 9-13 and by coach’s discretion. Equipment Requirements: Kick board, fins, pull buoy and paddles. (Available at the Team Store)

Advanced Juniors: A rigorous and challenging group for those age group athletes that have achieved state level and beyond success. This will be an intense training group with the expectations being that athletes will attend meets with regularity and practices must be attended to the satisfaction of the coaches and the group members. Swimmers in this group must be dedicated to the sport and their teammates. Practices will be offered six days a week, Saturday morning workouts are required when available. Expected attendance is 4-5 workouts a week.  Age Range: 11-14 and by coach’s discretion. Equipment Requirements: Kick board, fins, pull buoy, paddles, snorkel and split fins. (Available at the Team Store)

Senior Group: The top group of CAT; athletes in this group are totally committed to the team and swimming as a year round competitive sport. Athletes in this group are required to maintain excellent practice attendance each and every week, a minimum of 5 practices per week will be allowed; Saturday morning workouts are required, when no Saturday is available Friday becomes a required workout.  It is encouraged that athletes in this group make the effort to come to one morning workout a week. Age Range: 13+ and by coach’s discretion. Equipment Requirements: Kick board, fins, split fins, paddles (2 sets large and small), pull buoy and snorkel. (Available at the Team Store)

**All training requirements assume normal training weeks (no meets or football @Clemson)**