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Swim Fees and Volunteer Requirements

Costs:  CAT offers monthly tuition plans with discounts for multiple swimmers per family.  Scholarships are also available for those who qualify for either free or reduced lunch.  In addition to the monthly tuition, a membership fee is required to be paid at registration.  The membership fee is not prorated (except for those swimmers who register after March 31 of each year) as it covers fixed costs associated with USA-S registration and other club administration costs.  

There is also a family volunteer requirement to help run the CAT hosted swim meets this season which are the team's major source of fundraising.  Finally, competition suits, practice equipment, and swim meet entry fees are the responsibility of each swimmer.

Fees 2017-2018
Training Squad Annual Membership Fee Monthly Tuition
Hydrotigers $165.00 $90.00
Junior $165.00 $120.00
Adv. Junior $165.00 $125.00
Senior $165.00 $150.00
Masters* $77.00 $75.00

*Master's swimmers must also independently register with USMS.

Families with multiple swimmers in Age Group Training Squads receive a discount on the Annual Membership Fee of $40 for each swimmer after the first swimmer.

Families with multiple swimmers in Age Group Training Squads receive the following discounts for monthly swim fees:

Number of Swimmers Discount on Monthly Swim fees
2 10%
3 15%
4 or more 20%

Swimmers that qualify for the free or reduced school lunch program may be eligible for some fee reduction. Please consult the CAT Treasurer ( to see if you qualify for a fee reduction. A copy of the school lunch qualification letter or a signed affidavit must be given to the treasurer to receive this reduction.

Volunteer Commitment for Age Group Swimmers: 

CAT relies on fundraising for approximately 50% of its operating budget. Membership fees and tuition do not pay the entire cost of swimming with CAT. Each family with one or more swimmer in Age Group Training Squads (Hydrotigers, Juniors, Advanced Juniors and Seniors)  must provide a minumum of 50 volunteer hours per year (September-July).  If the hourly requirement is not met, the family will be charged a minimum wage rate for each hour under the required 50 hours.  This recovery will help to pay workers required to run the CAT hosted meets in the absence of volunteers.

EARN VOLUNTEER HOURS BY WORKING AT CAT HOSTED SWIM MEETS: Hosting swim meets is CAT's main fundraising source during the year and is the easiest way in which volunteer hours can be earned.  Currently CAT has scheduled to host 3 meets: Clemson Classic (September), Tiger Invite (January), and the Death Valley Open Water Meet (June). 

Other service opportunities are available in addition to CAT hosted meets.  Please contact the CAT Board Chair at for more information.