Coyote 2 White

Coyote 2 White

Coach: Kellie Lawicki - CoachKellie@cotocoyotes.com

This group is for advanced swimmers ages (11-14). Swimmers are expected to attend at least 5 practices per week and attend all swim meets. This group will focus on technique and endurance training while providing opportunities for swimmers to compete in higher level swim meets.

Practice Times

M/W/F:  4:45 - 6:15pm (swim)

T/Th:  4:45 - 6:45pm (dryland and swim)

Saturday:  8:00 - 10:00am (dryland and swim)

Training Requirement

1 Blue Time
5 out of 6 practices a week
10x100 FR @ 1:30

Equipment Needed

  • Paddles
  • Buoy
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Goggles
  • COTO cap (for meets)
  • COTO suit (for meets)