Mocs' Vision

Mocs' Vision

The Mocs Vision is to bring regional and national recognition to swimming in North Charleston, the greater Charleston area, and South Carolina. 

Phase 1 - The Journey to THE Aquatics Center

2015-2019 - Phase 1 is almost complete as the Mocs transition from a developmental swim club into a competitive swim club in anticipation of the move to the new Aquatics Center later this season. 

Phase 2 - THE Aquatics Center

By the Winter of 2020, we expect the Mocs to have moved into the new North Charleston Aquatics Center, which promises to be a top flight facility, the likes of which is unmatched in the state of South Carolina. At that time we expect to increase the size of the coaching staff, the size of the team, and the number of differentiated groups offered. Moreover, we expect the makeup of the team to comprise a larger percentage of middle and high school age swimmers than was present in phase 1. Over the course of the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons, the Mocs will become highly competitive at the state level and develop a significant core group of athletes who compete at the sectional level. 

The ability to host local meets, intersquad meets, South Carolina Swimming State Championship Meets, sectional meets, and national level meets in this facility will hinge on the successful development of parent volunteers during phase 1. The increased opportunities the aquatics center will bring to local year-round and summer league swimmers is an invaluable benefit that will elevate the status of competitive swimming in the Charleston area and in South Carolina. Through the dedication of the coaching staff, the performance of the swimmers, and the spirit of volunteerism among parents, the Mocs aim to be the leader in bringing this facility's promise to fruition. 

Phase 3 - Sustained Success

In 2022 and beyond, we expect the Mocs to be a household name among those in the swimming world, with the team having developed into a constant force at the state and sectional level and consistently producing athletes who compete at the national level. These expectations are based on the coaching staff's previous success in developing programs, promising growth in the North Charleston area, and access to a facility of unprecedented quality for South Carolina Swimming.

Achieving this level of success will require discipline, effort, and positive attitude from coaches, parents, and athletes, and we will undoubtedly hit bumps along the way; however, maintained enthusiasm over the course of this journey will translate into a lasting sense of community pride and spirit that will sustain the success of the Mocs and area swimming far into the future.