Social/Charitable Events

Social Events

Swim Charleston believes in building community.  Hence regular social events will be scheduled by parent volunteers to ensure that swimmers enjoy community in and out of the pool.

Check out our 2016 LCM season video.  

Community Service

Swimmers will be expected to participate in a practice group or team-wide community service activity regularly between September and July.  

In addition, Level 4 and 5 swimmers will be coached on how to teach younger swimmers and they will be expected to complete in-team service hours of approximately 10-20 hours between the months of October and July (roughly 1-2 hours/a month).  This requirement will be scheduled to accommodate the schedules of Level 4 and 5 swimmers. 

In the summer of 2016, we participated in the Rotary Relay for LAPS, raising $240 for the LAPS program and we collected over 20 pounds of bandaids and other first aid supplies for Jenkins Institute for Children. 

In the winter of 2016-17, we raised money for Cure SMA (Go Miller Go 5K), Hollings Cancer Center, and Pwoje Espwa (an orphagage for children in Haiti). We participated in the Basket Brigade, packed meal bags for the Ronald McDonald house, collected swimming related items for My Sister's House, and volunteered at Meeting Street Academy.