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2018-2019 Registration Agreement

This is the text from the online registration process for the 2018-2019 season. This includes the entire registration process, including registration and monthly fees, liability/medical/photo/video release, code of conduct, and volunteer requirements.

SCSC Equipment list and Swim Wear Policy

In developing the SCSC swimwear policy, the coaching staff has tried to accomplish four objectives:

  1. Maintain our philosophy of preparing our athletes to compete at the next level of competition.
  2. Allow our swimmers to be competitive at their most important meet of the season.
  3. Protect our SCSC families from unnecessary costs when purchasing competition swimwear.
  4. Arrive at meets looking like a team.  

SCSC Bullying Action Plan

Action Plan to Address Bullying: “If it’s mean, intervene.”

SCSC Code of Conduct and Team Travel Policy

South Carolina Swim Club (SCSC) has established the following expectations for the entire club community, including swimmers, coaches, staff, and parents.

SCSC Parent Code of Conduct

SCSC Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Policy

SCSC has adopted the following policies concerning drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products.

SCSC Electronic Communications Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure best practices are followed as determined by USA Swimming.  This policy is not intended to encourage swimmers to register for membership in the various forms of electronic social media.  Parents are still responsible for ensuring they are adhering to the rules and regulations for each of these sites.

SCSC Championship Season Electronics Guidelines Based on past experience, SCSC provides recommendations on electronics use for championship meets. These will encourages excellent performance through maximum focus, sportsmanship, and team spirit.

SCSC High School Swimming Philosophy

Each high school team’s policy differs and SCSC coaches are encouraged to communicate and cooperate with their swimmer’s HS coaches; SCSC coaches and swimmers have good relationships with high school coaches and all coaching staff should work to preserve and enhance that relationship.

SCSC Safe Sport Policy

General Guidelines

Swimming Terms 101

Definitions of Swimming Terms

SCSC Inclement Weather Policy

Policies in place for bad weather forecasts

SCSC Holiday Training Philosophy

How and why we train around the holidays

SCSC College Handbook Information and advice about college for our high school swimmers
SCSC Honor Roll Swim Cap Incentive Program Our swim cap reward program that is meant to incentivize excellent academic performance
SCSC Summer League Swimming Philosophy A brief summary of SCSC's recommendations, organized by Division, regarding summer league participation. 


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