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2017 College Commitments

Min Zhi Chua- Cornell
Evan Czaja- Penn State
Victoria Epps - UCSD
Daniel Fang - Williamette
Jeni Griffin - Tulane
George Horvath - Northwestern
Trent Pellini - Purdue
Kendall Peregrini - Edinborough
Alexander Qu - University of Chicago

2016 College Commitments

Steven Derman—Saddleback College

Savannah DuPuis—Brigham Young University

Shane Forker—University of California, Berkeley

Chris McElroy—Saddleback College

Marc Morizono – Cornell University

Sami Nassif—United States Naval Academy

Grant Shoults—Stanford University


Colleges Where Mission Viejo Nadadores Athletes Have Attended and Competed:

American University

Arizona State University

Boise State University

Boston University

Brigham Young University

California Baptist University

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

California State University, Fresno

Concordia University

Cornell University

Denison University

Duke University

Fordham University

George Washington University

Loyola Marymount University

Michigan State University

New York University

Northern Arizona University

Northwestern University

Pepperdine University


Rice University

Saddleback Community College

San Diego State University

San Jose State University

Southern Methodist University

Stanford University

Stevens Institute of Technology

Texas Christian University

United States Military Academy, West Point

United States Naval Academy

University of Alabama

University of Arizona

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, San Diego

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of Chicago

University of Cincinnati

University of Connecticut

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Iowa

University of Las Vegas, Nevada

University of Miami

University of Minnesota

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

University of Northern Colorado

University of the Pacific

University of San Diego

University of Southern California

University of Tennessee

University of Texas, Austin

University of Utah

University of Virginia


Athletes Who Swam Competitively in College (In Alphabetical Order):

Adams, Casey                      University of California, San Diego

Anderson, Grace                  Boston University

Babashoff, Shirley               University of California, Los Angeles

Ballidis, Amy                         Southern Methodist University

Barnes, Allison                     California Baptist University

Barnes, Amanda                  Boise State University

Betz, James                          Stevens Institute of Technology

Blaney, Holly                        University of Arizona

Bodine, James                      University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Brown, Kim                            University of Arizona

Bruce, Tami                           University of Florida

Burney, Matt                          University of California, Berkeley

Burns, Janardan                  University of California, Berkeley

Cail, Jamie                            University of Arizona

Carvin, Chad                        University of Arizona

Case, Summir                       California State University, Fresno

Cattolica, Katie                     Northern Arizona University

Chalcarz, Matthew               University of California, Santa Barbara

Chamberlain, Brett               University of California, Santa Barbara

Cisneros, Alex                      University of Minnesota

Cisneros, Tony                     Arizona State University

Cisneros, Sam                      University of Connecticut

Cohen, Tiffany                     University of Texas, Austin

Colin, Carly                           Concordia University

Colon, Filberto                      University of Alabama

Cox, Ryan                             University of California, Berkeley

Cridland, Tanner                  Boston University

Criste, John                          Stanford University

Cullom, Deni                         United States Naval Academy

Daniec, Jan                           University of Virginia

Davison, Scott                      University of Cincinnati

Davison, James                    University of California, Berkeley

Deshon, Spenser                 Stanford University

Deshon. Tyler                       University of California, Santa Barbara

Devitt, Lizzy                          Duke University

Diehl, Eric                              Stanford University

Divan, Nick                            University of Iowa

Divan, Paul                           University of Iowa

Dobbs, Connor                     Texas Christian University

Dwyer, Megan                      Duke University

Early, Daniel                         University of California, San Diego

Felton, Carol                         University of California, Berkeley

Ferreri, Joey                          University of Cincinnati

Florczyk, Peter                     University of California, Berkeley

Forker, Britton                       Michigan State University

Franzen, Sydney                 Rice University

Gage, Sierra                         University of California, San Diego

Gardner, Arianna                 University of Minnesota

Gehrich, Megan                   Fordham University

Godbe, Allison                     Rice University

Godbe, Andrew                    University of California, Berkeley

Goodell, Brian                      University of California, Los Angeles

Goodrich, Amanda              Denison University

Gordon, Brianna                  Denison University

Guy, Kendal                          San Jose State University

Guy, Taylor                            California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Hammontree, Preston          University of Pittsburgh

Herlihy, Brenden                  Denison University

Herlihy, Siobahn                  Pepperdine University

Herlihy, Edmond                  University of the Pacific

Heron, David                        University of Tennessee

Hickman, Todd                     University of Arizona

Hofstedt, Daniel                   Brigham Young University

Hopp, Camille                       Loyola Marymount University

Hughes, Livvy                       Boston University

Hunter, Danielle                   California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Hunter, Erik                           University of Minnesota

Hunter, Richard                    University of California, Berkeley

Jacob, Mike                           Northwestern University

Jensen, Larson                    University of Southern California

Johnstone, Audrey              California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Jorgensen, Dan                   University of Southern California

Ketchum, Erin                       University of California, Los Angeles

Kim, John                              Northwestern University

Kizierowski, Bart                   University of California, Berkeley

Klaren, Melanie                    University of California, Berkeley

LaTourette, Chad                Stanford University

Leanza, Samantha              Concordia University

Lehr, Aaron                           University of Cincinnati

Lindegren, Kari                     New York University

Lindegrin, Kim                      American University

Linzmeier, Marybeth            Stanford University

Lorentzen, Brooke               University of Minnesota

Mack, Shannon                    University of the Pacific

Macias, Luis                         University of Utah

Maffris, Amanda                   California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Malicki, Natalie                     Fordham University

McCluskey, Matt                   University of Arizona

McLaughlin, Katie                University of California, Berkeley

McLeod, Jennifer                 University of Cincinnati

McLeod, Steve                     University of Cincinnati

Meyers, Lisa                         University of California, Berkeley

Mitchell, Luke                       University of California, San Diego

Moore, Katie                         Concordia University

Morell, Luis                           University of Alabama

Morris, Chelsea                    University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Mosk, Brady                          United States Military Academy, West Point

Muse, Lee                             University of the Pacific

Nassif, Morgan                     United States Naval Academy

Norman, Lucas                     University of California, Santa Barbara

Norman, Nick                        University of California, Berkeley

O’Brien, Mike                        University of Southern California

Oshann, Cathy                     University of Arizona

Owen, Daniel                       University of California, Berkeley

Packard, Shannon              Northern Arizona University

Page, Olivia                          University San Diego

Pearson, Sian                      Stevens Institute of Technology

Peralta, Dan                         Saddleback Community College

Peters, Alex                          Concordia University

Peters, Alex                          San Diego State University

Piccio, Carlo                         University of Cincinnati

Pierson, Brandon                 Arizona State University

Podkoscielny, Mariusz        University of Arizona

Redondo, Brock                   University of Southern California

Redondo, Logan                  University of Minnesota

Ridout, Zach                         Princeton University

Riggs, Vic                              University of California, Berkeley

Rimkus, Charlie                   Northwestern University

Rodriguez, Anilva                University of Georgia

Schnarz, George                  Cornell University

Saeger, Rich                        Southern Methodist University

Shaw, Amy                            University of Texas, Austin

Shields, Tom                         University of California, Berkeley

Shoults, Jax                          University of California, Los Angeles

Sikora, Bart                           University of California, Berkeley

Skinner, Melissa                  University of California, Los Angeles

Sorge, Scott                          University of California, Berkeley

Spadoni, Marina                   Arizona State University

Spezzaferri, Mitchell            California Baptist University

Sugimoto, Hiro                     University of Minnesota

Taylor, Russell                     University of California, Santa Barbara

Teo, Nicolette                       University of California, Los Angeles

Uretta, Diego                        University of Minnesota

Vahradian, Mark                   Duke University

Vaughn, Reanna                 United States Naval Academy

Vassallo, Jesse                    University of Miami

Veloz, Juan                           University of Arizona

Voida, Arturo                         Arizona State University

Warkenton, Lindsay            San Jose State University

Weisbecker, Brian               University of Chicago

Welch, Michael                     University of Arizona

Westberg, Sasha                 United States Naval Academy

Whaley, Will                          University of Iowa

Wilkings, Kelly                      Saddleback Community College

Wilkings, Kelly                      San Jose State University

Wilment, Tyla                        University of California, Santa Barbara

Wojdat, Artur                         University of Iowa

Wollkind, Spenser               University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Wong, Mason                       University of California, San Diego

Woodhead, Sippy                University of Southern California

Wynkoop, Jeffrey                 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Yamaguchi, Emi                   University of California, Santa Cruz

Zucoda, Rafael                     Arizona State University


If you do not see your name on the list or a spelling error, please either email or call the swim office at 949-380-2552. We did our best, but we know there are more of you awesome Nadadores out there.