2018 Championship Practice Schedules

The months of January to March are considered our "Championship Season."  As we approach State Meet and all of our other championship meets in March, often our schedule changes in an effort to help each individual "peak" to perform at their highest level.  Attached are three different calendars that the coaching staff will follow through March for the following groups:

(Click on your appropriate group to view calendars)

  1. Sr. Team 
  2. Jr. Team
  3. Age-Group Elite
These calendars are to help families identify changes in practice schedule, dryland routine, weights, morning practices, etc.....  Please refer to the calendars and use as a reference and guide.  Please note that if the coaching staff sees additional changes need to be made in an effort to adjust for the swimmers....then those changes will be emailed out.  
Swimmers from the Silver Team, Blue Team, and Fledgling Group will stay on their regular, normal practice schedules.  Please let the coaches know if you have any questions. 
PALM Coaching Staff