Adult Tri Squad

Adult Triathlon Squad

Swim Workouts

  • Location: Ventura Aquatic Center, competition pool

  • Swim Schedule: Monday-Thursday, 6-7am (optional bonus warm up 5:45-6am)

  • Basic Membership: $55/month for 9 workouts

  • Premium Membership: $80/month for unlimited workouts

  • Equipment: Finis Tempo TrainerBuoyFins, Paddles (Freestyler + Agility)

  • Prerequisite: Ability to swim basic freestyle for 50-yards unassisted

Join Our Squad!


Send an email to [email protected] with the following:




Preferred email:

Phone number:

Membership account specification (Premium or Basic):




Active members MUST notify our team administrator of any changes or cancellations PRIOR to the first of the month for which you’d like the changes to apply. After the first of the month, payments cannot be refunded. Late payments and credit card failure will accrue penalty charges.



Timed 400 Records, SCY (short course yards)


  1. Nate Cohen, 4:13, 2/2019
  2. Pablo Mizgier, 4:32, 11/2014
  3. Nik Shore, 4:45, 9/2019


  1. Josie Thorp, 4:55, 9/25/2014
  2. Caitlin Espitia, 5:04, 3/16/2017
  3. Alex Supan, 5:17, 11/9/2017