Rio Mesa: High Intermediate Group

Coach Luke Corley

Interested in joining? Call (805) 650-0400 to set an evaluation appointment.


The purpose of the Rio Mesa High Intermediate Group is to prepare our young swimmers for competition and introduce race strategies to help them be as competitive as they want to be. We should prepare as many young swimmers as possible for entry into the Senior Age Group.

Practice Schedule:
Monday - Friday         4:30 - 6:30 pm (Swimming)
Ability to:
  1. Swim 10X100 Free @ 2:00
  2. Swim 8X100 IM @ 2:30
  3. Kick 10X50 @ 1:10
  4. Swim a 200 IM and a 100 of each stroke legally.
  5. Able to Hold a streamline past the flags and hold streamline for 4 dolphin kicks.
  6. Able to focus for an entire practice and throughout a swim meet.

Emphasis continues to be on having fun, but also on stroke technique, with an increasing priority of training and conditioning.
Swimmer should be able to read a pace clock and understand the primary focus of each set.
Required Equipments:
  1. Finis Swimmer Snorkel (junior size is best)
  2. Kickboard
  3. Fins

 * * *