Gold Group

Coach: Luke Corley HansenErik HansenErik HansenErik Hansen       

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Gold Age Group is the pinnacle of age group swimming within our structure at Buenaventura Swim Club.  While there is no attendance requirement, swimmers are encouraged to attend all practice sessions, especially as they approach age 11 & 12 because this is the last group in the transition into senior level swimming.  Your swimmer will have a much better senior level swimming experience, and a better chance of continuing on in the sport if they are prepared. 
Practice Schedule:
Monday - Friday           3:30 - 5:15pm (Swimming)
Tuesday & Thursday    3:30-4:00pm (Dry-land)
Saturday Mornings    7:00-9:00am (Swimming)
Ability to:
  1. Swim 16X100 Free @ 1:30
  2. Swim 12X100 IM @ 1:45
  3. Kick 16X50 @ 1:00
  4. Swim complete sets of 5x200; 5x400; 2x800 and be able to descend these sets.
  5. Push off streamlined and hold streamline for 4 dolphin kicks.
  6. Swim a 400 IM & a 200 of each stroke legally (in addition to specific times.)
  7. Able to listen and understand coach instructions between each set.
  8. Able to control attitude and focus throughout a practice session and throughout a swim meet.

Emphasis continues to be to have fun, while increasing training and conditioning. Teaching stroke technique will be done within a conditioning swim set instead of technique as a stand alone mechanism.

Swimmers in this group should be:

  • Highly motivated to continually improve their technique.
  • Learn race strategies and learn how to swim a descending and best average set.
  • Swimmer will understand how to read a pace clock & understand the primary focus of each set.
  • Pulling equipment will be introduced and used as appropriate.
  • Swimmers should have a goal of achieving a Junior Olympic time standard, but there should still be an emphasis on maintaining a fun atmosphere.

Required Equipments:

  1. Speedo Bullet Snorkel
  2. Kickboard
  3. Strokemaker Paddles (size appropriate – see coach)
  4. Small Pull Buoy
  5. Fins

* * *