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The SC-LSC welcomes all interested individuals to consider becoming a USA Swimming official. There are several steps to follow to become a Stroke & Turn official. Steps #1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 apply to Administrative Official apprentices that are not currently certified Stroke & Turn officials (see details for Admin Official certification under the Certification tab). Some of the following steps may be done concurrently. Please review the following steps to become a Stroke and Turn official:

  1. Attend a South Carolina Swimming Sponsored Stroke and Turn Clinic –required before working any apprentice sessions on deck.
    • Clinics are held year round at various locations throughout the state.  Clinics are Educational and will better outline the necessary steps in how to become a Certified and Registered USA Swimming Official.
    • Clinic dates can be found on or contact your LSC official’s chair for dates and locations in your area.
  2. Complete the SC-LSC Apprentice Official Temporary Non-Athlete Membership form – required before working any apprentice sessions on deck. (You can skip and do #5, 6 and 7)
    • This form allows you to work as an apprentice official for a 60 day period starting from the first date you work as an apprentice on deck at a meet.
    • You must complete steps 5, 6 and 7 to work any apprentice deck sessions once your 60 day grace period has expired.
    • Follow the instructions on the form. This must be completed and timely scanned and sent to the contacts listed on the form.
  3. Perform 5 apprentice sessions as a Stroke & Turn official.
    • Attend one or more USA Swimming sanctioned or approved meets and work a minimum of 5 sessions.
    • Your clinic attendance form will have apprenticeship forms attached.
    • This form must be completed and signed per the instructions noted on the form.
    • Your progress will be evaluated along various criteria: knowledge of the rules, deck position/control, alertness, attitude/poise, reliability and overall performance, to name a few.
  4. Take the online written multiple choice test found on the USA Swimming Website for Stroke & Turn/Timer official – this is free. You must score with a grade of 80% or better on both parts of the test.
  5. Prior to reaching your 60 Day Expiration Date you MUST complete steps 5, 6 and 7 Complete the SC-LSC non-athlete membership form and mail with your check to the address listed on the form. This is your permanent non-athlete membership application. You must have your non-athlete membership card before you can perform any additional apprentice sessions once your 60 day grace period has expired.
    • There is an annual membership fee, required Level II background check and Athlete Protection Course.
    • Payment must be included with your form.
    • Go to the Official’s form page for the SC-LSC Non-athlete membership form.
    • Membership is for one year ending on December 31stof every year.
  6. Submit a LEVEL II Background Check on the USA Swimming Website.
  7. Take the Athlete Protection Course that you will find on the USA Swimming website (SC Swimming office will send you an email to let you know you are in USA Swimming's system, able to take the APT, and your log in name)
    • You can only begin this test after you mailed in your non-athlete registration form with payment (step #5) and received your log in name.
    • There is no charge for this course.
    • It takes approximately 1 hour of your time.
    • It is valid for one year.
    • Here is the APT course link:
    • Upon completion of #5, #6 and #7 you will receive your non-athlete USA Swimming membership card in the mail from the LSC office.
  8. Scan and email your completed apprentice forms and clinic information to the current SC-LSC’s Official Chair – Carol Hammond at
  • Upon completion of #8 you will receive your USA Swimming Official’s Certification card via email notification that your card is ready to be printed. Both your non-athlete membership card and your official’s certification card must be presented for you to work on deck as an official for any meet session.
  1. You can use this link to download the USA Swimming Rule book for the current year. The multiple choice questions/answers deal with Part 1 Technical Rules, around page 18 of the pdf report. You will receive a copy of the rule book about 4 weeks after your non-athlete application has been processed by our LSC (Local Swim Committee). 

Your official’s certification can only be completed after your LSC Non-athlete registration has been processed. After your background check, APT course and membership details are entered into the USA Swimming database, the LSC Officials Chair will review your apprenticeship and clinic forms. You will receive an email from USA Swimming notifying you your Official’s certification card is ready to print. Print this card. To work a meet as a certified official, you will need your Official’s certification card and your LSC Non-athlete membership card (this will be mailed to you from the SC LSC Office). Both cards must be presented to the deck or meet ref at the time you sign in for a meet and both must be displayed while you are on deck. It is a good habit to arrive for meets at least one hour before the start of the day’s competition. This gives the meet or deck ref an opportunity to set the deck and allows you to attend the meet briefing. Uniform for SC-LSC officials is white collared shirt over navy pants, skorts, skirts, or shorts with predominantly white tennis shoes or white crocs.

Here are two additional notes for your consideration once you become a certified official with South Carolina:

  • Please contact Kent Easty,, regarding ordering your South Carolina official’s name tag.
  • Please CLICK ON the link on the SC-LSC website for officials shirts, to order your South Carolina official’s shirt or click on this link to get to the site. Username is SCLSC and password is 1234.

Please do not hesitate to contact the SC-LSC's Official Chair with any other questions or concerns. Again, thank you for volunteering your time. You will enjoy your experiences. Our LSC has very talented and friendly people to work with.