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CSSC Volunteer Policy (Document)


Conejo Simi Swim Club - Parent Volunteer Policy

Parent volunteers are vital to the success of the Conejo Simi Swim Club.  CSSC

relies heavily on parent volunteers to perform many of the organizational and

administrative tasks that are necessary to run the club and provide your child with a great

swimming experience.  Without a strong parent volunteer base, your monthly dues would

be significantly higher and programs and opportunities would be limited.

In addition to the minimum requirements of this policy, you are encouraged to get involved assisting

the swim club in other ways. There are many types of jobs and positions that will match with your

talents, interests, and available time. Many parent members have formed lifelong friendships and

memories by volunteering for CSSC. You will find a list of volunteer opportunities available for you

to consider on the CSSC website. Alternatively, please contact any Board Member or Committee Chair

Person to find out more about how you can get involved.

Minimum Service Hours Requirements

The following are minimum Service Hours requirements that are required by each


CSSC Hosted Meets - Service Hours:

Each family with swimmers in the Red, Blue, Senior II and I Groups is required to

work 20 hours annually (or prorated if you join after the beginning of the season) at CSSC

hosted meets.   Service hours per swim year beginning Sept. 1 and run through August 1.

For each hour not worked, your account will be charged $25 per hour.

All service hours must be submitted for credit to the Volunteer Coordinator by the end of July. Prorated

Service Hours balance will be due immediately if a swimmer leaves the team mid season.

Timing For Away Meets - Volunteer Requirements:

A parent (or designee) is required to time at each “away” swim meet in which their child

is swimming. At the beginning of each session of every swim meet, the CSSC Timing

Coordinator will create a list of timing responsibilities and will post this list in a visible

place in the pool area.

• If your child drives to a swim meet on their own, your family is still responsible for timing over

the course of the swim meet.  

• It is up to each parent to sign up for timing and show up for their timing slot.

• Typical timing requirements are 60-90 minutes during each SESSION that your

child swims.

• A designee can be any person over 16 years of age that is capable of fulfilling the

job requirement.

• On occasion, a family with multiple children may be asked to time twice during

the same session if more volunteers are needed.

If you are unable to time during the session that your child is swimming

without prior approval from the designated Timing Coordinator,

your account will be charged a $25.00 fee for the hour on your

next billing statement.

Tracking Service Hours & Requirements:

If you sign-up online to work our home meets, the hours you work will automatically be

posted to your account after the completion of the meet.  If you work additional meet

hours that you did not sign up for, please make sure that the Volunteer Coordinator

is aware of this prior to the meet if possible.  

Submit your hours by email to the Volunteer Coordinator for tracking purposes and they will

be deducted from your account. Your balance will be tracked and available for viewing on

our website via your secure log-in ID and password.  Any outstanding balance will be due on

August 1st at the rate of $25 per hour.  

You are responsible for submitting your service hours and for checking your Service Hours

account to be sure the hours are accurate.  Any questions about the balance due or your

hours must be sent to the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the billing due date.

Because of the enormous amount of manpower and effort that is required to run a swim meet, CSSC

needs all parents to volunteer at each meet. Swim meets are a critical aspect of amateur swimming in

southern California and in the United States. Swim Meets provide a venue for your children to improve

their skills and compete against other local and regional swimmers.

Virtually all of the manpower required to host a swim meet comes from the membership of the swim

club that is hosting the meet.  This manpower is provided on a volunteer

(unpaid) basis. The only personnel that are paid at swim meets are the meet officials and

referees (about 6 people). All CSSC officials donate their pay from CSSC hosted meets

back to our team.  

The host swim club relies on its membership to handle most of the tasks involved in

running the swim meet, but it also must enlist the help from participating clubs to handle

timing duties.

A swim club chooses to host a swim meet – it is not a requirement for it to do so.  Swim

Meets are bid on or requested by a club at the beginning of each year.  Usually, the same

clubs host the same meets each year.  A swim club hosts a swim meet so that it can ensure

that some of the meets are held at its home pool and to generate income.  This income

helps to reduce monthly swimmer dues or is used to enhance its swimming programs.

CSSC hosts 4 or 5 swim meets each year. These profits come from meet entry fees, apparel & equipment sales,

and snack bar sales.

With the continued support of the membership, CSSC will continue to be one of the

premier swim clubs in the region. Please feel free to contact a CSSC Board Member if

you have any questions regarding the Volunteer Policy.

A parent of each CSSC swimmer must agree to comply with this policy before your child

can begin swimming. Non-compliance with this policy without prior approval from the

Board of Directors may result in termination of membership with CSSC.